Magical quoting!!

Something happens..and you mentally do the quoting..

Most people quote when they speak..or write..

But what i found lately is that iآ quote visually!!

Walk down some street andآ  live the fog..silence..darkness of the night andآ  you’dآ remember a certain scene you once saw in some movie..

I have a great day in a lovely garden..the breeze is great and i quote…the hills are alive with the sound of music!!!

Iآ feel mistreated and i quote pretty woman!!


The meaning in the scene translates exactly what i feel in the moment..that i find quoting it emotionally the perfect manifestation..


I guess it is becoming hard to communicate emotionally and get your feelings to the other instead of letting it evaporate in space we choose some fixed memory of something we once saw and relate emotionally to it..


Same thing happens to music when you find yourself speechless yet full of emotions that strives to show and be u quote a certain song or piece of music..

My thoughts…sometimes we fear to show..sometimes we fear the other party’s most people are becoming shockingly scentless..


I guess..quoting to enhance a great lovin’ feeling is fact so sweet…what is more sweet than receiving an email with a love song telling you howآ magical it is..?!


Even wishes or dreams may be manifested by quoting..Bidget Jones and Mr Darcy under the snow..hahaha..example bas:)

Or finally united like sleepless in seattle!!


Well..quoting is as nice as chocolate..shouldn’t be excessive

Have a good day..





2 thoughts on “Magical quoting!!

  1. i know exactely what u mean ya rika.. i alwayes feel like that with songs, just as i do in my blog.. i alwayes find a song saying that thing am speachless about and giving me the right feeling about the situation am in, sometimes it gives me reliefe to know that someone else may have felt the same and said something about it.. am not alone after all!!
    7elw elpost awy..


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