As Chocking and agonizing as can be..

To Feel to the max and give All of you and wake up to the fact that it was all a big laugh..

A very big laugh..

It’s like Seeing with your own eyes all the dreams,feelings,thoughts and heart shattered like glass..

The million pieces is thrown at your face..causing a million tiny scar..may heal..may disappear..but the sharp painآ  and the sharp memory will never fade..will never leave your mind..and when ever you may passآ anywhere and see’ll jump a mile back..your heart will bounce with fear..of being hurt..or being added to somebody Else’s list..

They have the big laugh..

Andآ you’ll get the big scream..always at the tip of your tongue..always ready to be released..

No matter how true you are..

It won’t won’t won’t be felt..

And don’t say why should we be felt..please don’t..

Those feelings we produce..we thrive..we maintain..or maintain us..are likeآ signals that our power is on..we’re alive..we’re breathing..we’re breathing and living..and if those aren’t received they get weak and fade..

Yes..we should survive what ever..but hey..are we supposed to be alive..or living??

Just don’t be cruel..

Please Don’t Be Cruel..آ 


2 thoughts on “Cruel..

  1. YES dearest friend, we SHOULD be alive and living – and giving as well! I think only the moment I KNOW deep inside, I gave it ALL I had, it tried my BEST, I did the RIGHT thing … be it to help someone else or to achieve anything – I can be at ease with myself.
    I can talk only for myself but had I not done that so many many times in my life – today … I don’t think I could live with myself as my conscience would torture me.
    Whatever you do with sincere and honest intention, is RIGHT – and does leave an impact … even you might not see nor feel it right away!
    LOVE YOU MUCH dear!! BIG HUG .. as well for mom and a kiss for the kids!


  2. Hi there 😉

    Actually i am trying at the moment to adopt this new thing into my life.

    I want to be able to decide what i want to take in from what other people say or do. I should be the one to decide and not the other way around.

    i am a very sensitive person and it is tiring, hopefully i will get there..

    nice post as usual my dear


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