M M M M Monday.

Monday it is..but that’s not the point:P

The point is..i’m weired today..well..actually yesterday..

I am cranky..suspicious..i love my work when i’m there only..but i don’t wanna go again when i’m home..i don’t sleep enough and i like that..i’m absorbing so much..just like a sponge thrown in the sea..in a matter of seconds..i can’t hold all the water it floods..

I wanna know more..about what??

Everything..i wanna know everything..

And Hours aren’t enough..well i read and try ti examine and feel and sense everything around me in the most accurate details…and the truth is..not all what is magnified looks good..some nastiness lye around here and there..but hey..that’s o.k..

Paris was so glamorous but the allies were dark..cold andآ narrow..and scary..yes they were!!

As all hideaways..and back stages and behind the curtains and dark narrow allies..human feelings and emotions are put to the test…Not only that..ur sanity too..

Scary..haven’t i told u..but the suspence is thrilling to the extent that u can’t just retreat..

The shivers..the anticipation and the luxury of maybe finding ur need around some corner..is really worth living..and hey..that is living!!

The surprise maybeآ near or far from ur day dream…..

Again..quoting friends..Mais* says..when it’s true..it’ll show..simple!!

And Eno says..It takes time!!

And i say..Good adventure everyone..this is a nice Monday:)


11 thoughts on “M M M M Monday.

  1. Well dearest, I LOVE that post!!!! What you write is exceptionally true … I agree to every singly point wholeheartedly!! 🙂
    LIFE is not only bright (*SIGH*, I know) it has it’s dark sides as well and it takes trust in God/Allah, perseverence and as well stamina to make it through those "dark alleys" without snapping or as you say, losing sanity!
    I was badly tested lately and found that together with ALL THAT – REAL FRIENDS are most necessary and seem like angels during those most testing moments!
    You’re going through an arrey of emotions and that is normal … don’t worry at all.
    Summer is right as well as eno – and YOU TOO!
    As for me – I LOVE LIFE and as terrible and hard it can be – as beautiful it is as well. What makes it MORE beautiful though is that we can help others to see that beauty as well … I think this is our obligation as humans … don’t you think?
    LUV YA dear!! BIG hug .. as well for mom!! 🙂


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Summer…my sweet lady:)
    A7la saba7 be3o6oor elful oo elyasmine:):)
    allah yebarek feeky:)

    Dearest friend..yes..you love for life prevails and so clear..
    May allah grant u his gifts always..gift of faith and appreciation to what’s precious..life!


  3. ya gamed ya rikooo.. nice post.. and i cant say more than gomlity elmashhoora.. it takes time..!!
    love u ya mastoola..

    2al feeh web designing 2aaaal!!


  4. You made my day a lot better with your great gifts..thank you:)

    Eno…yadi elfadaye7..leh keda odam elaganeb?!
    khals ya 7agga:)


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Mais*…still adding:)

    allah ye3eenek oo ye3enny;)

    razan…allah yekremek 7abebty:)


  6. ظٹط§ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡, ظ…ط´ ط·ط¨ظٹط¹ظٹ ط´ظˆ ط؛ط±ظٹط¨ط© ط·ط¨ظٹط¹ط© ط§ظ„ظ†ظپط³ ط§ظ„ط¨ط´ط±ظٹط©, ط³ط¨ط­ط§ظ† ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ !!


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