Ass u me ing:P

Another quote..Another friend..but i won’t say who::P:P


Well..We do the ass u me ing all the time…

We tend to read all actions..interperate all words..pass judgements and make verdicts too..

We are the ass humaning power on earth!!

Will we ever stop using that part of……our minds!!

Will we have some herbal tea and sit back to relax!!

No..i won’t use a question mark….ever again..cause questions stoped to be asked…loooong time ago..when evasive answers,lies and truth bending became a trend..

No wonder we ass u me trust baby…no trust…

And the most funny part about this is that the more u ass u me…the more you’ll find out how wrong you are..

We are not made to read thoughts or predict..we are made to share and feel and anticipate the b est..not expect the worse..

Cheer up boys..i won’t doubt anyone again..

The show must go on!!


4 thoughts on “Ass u me ing:P

  1. Hi

    Hold your self together and just hit the road , definately you will get what you want , sometimes when things seem bad we just forget that many things out there need some time to mature! You can’t hurry everything Caller.

    Have a good day.


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Mais*..loved the way u summed it up..simple yes..but great:)

    Fadi..loved the ..need time to mature part..well..know what..the problem is i’m a blend of maturity and ma3yala..hhhhhhhhh
    true fadi..true..and pardon me my dear..but the lang.made a point..sama7 fedo;)


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