Everything was so french..

Everytime i would walk down that long lighted street i would ask myself..why have i agreed to come again..

Maybe that french vanilla flavour in their ice-cream..their sparkeling lights and their sidewalk kisses..

The sound of their cool chats..although it is the city of light..but it’s not loud..sounds are respected..

And roses and choclates..were adding to the view some sweetness..especially when u pass by one of these proud painters that would make u the greatest portrait with no word spoken..their magical hand would make a few touches on the paper and voila!!

Every artist i saw on the street or in some mall dress that french flavour..

I couldn’t help but staring when i would see some artist who can’t read or write and he talks fluent french…

And i will never forget wadee3 elsafi sitting next to me in this cafe with his son..they looked so alike and they sounded so alike and they started telling us their love story with paris..

George..his son was already living their for years and he played the violin professionally..

He was so nice..and he kept humming some of his songs which made the french vanilla in the air..cinnamonly spicy:)

That elegant language becomeآ  colder when u hear it their..but i am sure that if i would go to paris now..i would have a great doubt!!

Who would i wanna take with me??!!


Interesting thought;)



10 thoughts on “FRENCH…

  1. You asked the question, you better answer it..maybe you know for sure who you will take with you but would you share it with us on your blog? have fun if you go!


  2. Lady…Lady…Lady…

    You have ordered me to "shut up" at Jerusalem blog…and for that I have decided to drop you a visit, in order to know more about the person who interferes and plays the "hero" role, and stick their noses when they shouldn’t!


    I can be a very nasty pain in the *SS , I can be really awful, but instead of playing the same dirty game of yours, let me just whisper two words and then leave:

    TRUE Muslim, who CLAIMS that he’s calling for Islam, doesn’t ask people to shut up. HE shows the best in Islam, but your attitude was exactly the opposite! Well, ma’am, SHAME ON YOU!

    The only explination for what you have done is that you are either suffering from Schizophrenia or you have a serious double standard issue! PICK ONE!
    I have to say that after reading many of your articles, I can safely say that you are someone who’s facing SH*T and simply can’t handle it! So, don’t act as if you are better, or that you know better. You are a poor soul seeking for comfort in the arms of strangers and the PC monitor. That’s who you are, so before asking somebody to "shut up", think twice.

    You won’t drag me to a meaningless debate. I have IMPORTANT things to do, and wasting my time over you and your silly and pathetic self won’t do me any good. So, Deleting my comment, replaying back, or building a "WE HATE ABU SEEDO" Campaign won’t make a single difference for me, because this blogsphere "collects" weak people who can do nothing but hide behind the PC screen!


  3. Hi Caller,

    Listen: Sumemr doesn’t rock n roll , Karin doesn’t like green frogs but Mr. & Mrs K do. We will read the fate7a on J. Morrison & Edith Piaf there and then go see Charles Aznavour live in concert on French Riviera banks 🙂

    Abu Seedo: Oh , sorry again , shame on Caller? Pardon me but this is too much!


  4. Summer..fadi..karin and samia..thank u all..

    Abu seedo.>>>
    malak ya 3amm enta feeh eh?!!
    i like the way you illustrate your dieas..even if they were against me..i liked the writing don’t u have ur own blog..?!
    Seconed..i really don’t remeber telling u to shut up and i don’t have enough time to go check..but hey..if i attacked ur friend and rudly without even knowing him..what would u do??!!
    sorry if i offended u in anyway..but ask fadi here…and he’ll tell u that i get silly when i see any action of attack..
    spontaneous as rain..right fedo;)
    welcome to my blog..
    come again..


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