IS is true??

The thaught is scarey even if it is yet far from me..

Is it true ..that the more you give and love makes the aother less loving and giving??

At least sherine thinks so….

the stronger he gets!!


15 thoughts on “IS is true??

  1. that would be right if its a oneway love.. but if they both r in love.. i think the stronger they love the stronger they get.. wallaho a3lam….


  2. I really don’t know what to say. Yes, sometimes he gets stronger, sometimes he gets weaker when see her love.

    She gets stronger he gives more, and sometimes not.

    human nature is so complicated, and the fountain is the man’s selfishness, maybe.


  3. Abed..
    Maho sometimes kol 7aga..
    ya3ny kol shee2 wared oo bey7sal..
    Baini w bainak..shaklak keda..mmmm..yalla mesh moshkelz:D:D
    But i salute the fountain thing…oh my god!!
    soooooo true!!


  4. Helloooo 🙂

    I have to agree, i think it’s true and goes for both ways. doesn’t matter if u r a guy or a girl, if you get too much love mnesta2we 3le 2ebalna.

    we have to balance what we give, also same with kids, you love them but u don’t want to spoil them!!

    take care dear


  5. Balance is good, yet I find myself in agreement with Eno on this issue.
    One more thing, sometimes i see no rules that applies always in human relations


  6. Wonders..see
    you got what i meant..exactly so:)
    Human nature i guess..zay mabda2 el3ard wel talab..the more you get the less the price!!!!
    great to see u here dear


  7. I think eno had elshi ma beseer ma3 elnas elly nafseyet-hom saweyyeh!
    had beseer bs ma3 elnas elly ma bet2adder elly bain edaiha w hadol elnas e7na fi ghena 3anhom.


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