Feel drained?

Something is missing and incomplete..

Think about the edge you lost after Ramadan??

Or after the highest faith level you flew for??

When i feel that i keep getting numb and can’t do anything ab out it..and the more i can’t the more it builds up inside me to the stage where i can’t take it any more..

I wanna enhance and improve..

I wanna earn my place closer to allah..

I wanna get this sense of purity and fulfillment when i think that the more i approach allah the more he’ll accept me and love me and keep my heart peaceful and safe..

The problem is..we always do that that it became a pattern..we always run after everything and everyone for that sense of security and giving and when we fail to have it or even have it but fail to maintain it..we ache and cry then realize at one moment that we have no other way but Allah’s way to bat on this heart and revive it’s peace again..

This amazing comfort is so wonderful that it can make this painful pulse that alerts my being with lively troubles and burdens..a soothing vibe..

And oh how i need that soothing feeling to fill my heart..that troubled heart of mine..

Allah gives everyone..but gives special serenity to those who ask and plea and cry for it..

It may come with a messenger..another human that can give with Allah’s will..

Or it may come without anyone..or any reason..directly from allah..a bolt of light clarifying your cells with faithful joy and you’ve reached the clouds of faith..

May allah bless me and you with theآ most precious gift of all….his love!!

Allah knows…i’ve missed it…………………………………………………….آ 


11 thoughts on “BOOST IT !!

  1. indeed!
    "Brothers, my peace is in my aloneness.
    My Beloved is alone with me there, always.
    I have found nothing in all the worlds
    That could match His love,
    This love that harrows the sands of my desert.
    If I come to die of desire
    And my Beloved is still not satisfied,
    I would live in eternal despair.

    To abandon all that He has fashioned
    And hold in the palm of my hand
    Certain proof that He loves me—
    That is the name and the goal of my search."


  2. "This world is like a closed coffin, in which
    We are shut and in which, through our ignorance,
    We spend our lives in folly and desolation.
    When Death comes to open the lid of the coffin,
    Each one who has wings will fly off to Eternity,
    But those without will remain locked in the coffin.
    So, my friends, before the lid of this coffin is taken off,
    Do all you can to become a bird of the Way to God;
    Do all you can to develop your wings and your feathers."


  3. Hi..

    At last 🙂

    This is what I call words of wisdom. Thank you Caller 🙂

    I read the others , they are awsome , blessed blessed blessed 🙂


  4. Rasha,
    it’s the same subject of yoursbut from another view. When you se He and His and so on you know we talkin about God "Allah"


  5. long time didnt read something blessful like that ,u know that i cherich you and like your words and now its just a blessing
    wonderful as always Sweet Caller 🙂

    love you so much


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