Bring me to life

It’s an evanescence song..

Imagine feeling this way..that someone else brings you back to life..

Imagine how emotions can make someone that essential..that vital..that’s some one’s giving and affection is that critical to your sense of existence..

It’s hard right?

But it happens..when your soul becomes that dependant..

Mind says it’s wrong..not practical enough..not straight..well yeah it’s true..

It’s better to be by the other side of the river when you make that affect on others and it’s better to keep your feet dry while others drown to win a glance ofآ recognition from u..

Strange concept and stranger feeling..that’s life..some people take the lead…even in emotions..that’s why they sing the feeling..the ache of need..the strive for approval.

We look people in the eye and say’s supposed to be this and that but the truth is that..matters of the heart are so beyond comprehension and control..

When you wait for a voice..a word..a single phone call or a touch..just to bring you back to life!!


2 thoughts on “Bring me to life

  1. I can’t believe Caller that u’ve mentioned this song, my favorite since ever I listened to it, used to listen to it over and over, it relases pain suddenly in a very strange way, I just blast in tears.

    BTW, you got to mention this JIT, according to me at least 😦


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