First jobless night

It’s still early..but my first jobless night began..

Smoke is filling my air..a vacant view of tomorrow is filling my eyes..a hollow cold core is filling my heart..

I’m tuning to some silly music while I’m writing this..

I don’t know how to describe the it it it remorse..?!!

I used to go to sleep every night knowing i have something to wake up to…now I’ll wake up-if i do-to thoughts of what I’m gonna do next..

Should i search for a job or go after an old dream or just get busy with a hobby?!!

Mixed emotions..lots of mixed emotions haunt me as there’s a lot of existence of different aspects melt into this phase and the past one..

Two mobile phones are dead calm beside me..and a big question mark is pulsing in my mind..

Phases are folded likeآ old letters in my life and death..things die for another to live..

Fearless is my heart..yet..i tremble..

What will be will be….right?


6 thoughts on “First jobless night

  1. Firstly happy Ramadan. Really I surprise when I read your topic and I doubt that’s you or your blog . But your phase is temporary it will melts soonly coz that it’s so difficult who’s amiable expressive one . It’s so difficult to change abrade heart to tremble one.


  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal !!
    hada jad inti ba6alti wa5da balek !
    3ashan lau konti wa5da kan la2ete something to do, daiman feeh something to do in this life,

    zamaaaaan 3ala wa5adan el bal !!
    wa5da balek ?


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