I gave in

Three jobless days did it for me..i couldn’t take it anymore..and i gave in!

Couldn’t say no to the great efforts they’ve done to retain me..with a modified job description which was cut to fit thier requirements..all and all it’s not bad..but with less control i work well and i do it all but lifeless!

The enthusiasim failed to stay alert…the great feeling i used to have melted..

I feel that i have to work…not that i love to work…

I returned cause i couldn’t fail their love and trust…and i returned cause i couldn’t stand staying at home not doing anything…

So..I gave in!

To me..and to them..

Maybe some day I’ll do what i want professionally…who knows!!

I’ll go with the flow…for now…

The weired thing..is that i still have a trace of the jobless feeling.


4 thoughts on “I gave in

  1. [if we don’t know where we are going we’ll end up somewhere else]
    call it go with the flow but atleast u r doing something till you really know what you want ..

    never leave ur self melt down .. cause no one will form it back but you and u might miss a drop somewhere everytime u do, so always gather ur self so u can find it after all … we never know what we are missing ..
    Best of luck , the best is always to come pumpkin *


  2. It’s a blessing to find a job that you like what you do and you do with so much enthusiasm. But one has always to find the minimum interest in the job to make his life peaceful. Come to think of it, only people who run their own business may be the ones who are enjoying what they do.
    Certainly though you need to you your best to be able to take that salary and feel it’s 7alal


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