Coffee talk

Usually people chat over coffee but since I don’t have anyone to share my morning coffeeآ  nor chat with…I’m gonna ramble on my blog…

I just woke up and I’m starting with my regular instant coffee with little cream and little sugar…it doesn’t really wake me fully…but it’s a smooth start…I’m not really in the mood today…

Oh…I wish I’d stick to myآ ” To do” listآ that I stuck on my mirrorآ to remind me after returning to my work jam…I wanna do some silly small stuff just for me…I’m gonna take Guitar lessons…yeah 😀 you heard me…I just wish I start…

Winter is approaching andآ I seriously need winter wardrobe…I lack winter outfits..cause you know…I used to wear 3abaya all the time so…i need to go shopping…baaaaad!

Has anyone cried as i cried over that episode od 3ezzo ??? yeah…mama noona died and fakharani broke my heart…the whole thing was so light and nice…I think it suits ramadan more than all the rape and smuggling series…آ 

I wanna plan a trip soon..I need to go somewhere quite…far away..not necessarily abroad as I haven’t seen 90% of Egypt…maybe I’d go to the charming Aswan…That Magical placeآ I see on TV..آ 

Screw AUC…the American Uni in Cairo…how come they make submitting to the MBA that complicated when applicants are professional and within the business field..I think it’s mere stupidity…when you pay over 60 thousand poundsآ get the masters you’re going to study and get examined for while you’re a graduated, working grown up…it should require no such Red Tape…no certificates…no grades..

I’m having a creativity cravingآ …If such thing exists 🙂

Time for stronger Coffee…see u..آ 


4 thoughts on “Coffee talk

  1. Firstly if u visit Aswan u will never forget here and u welcome to my native state and if MBA in AUC only 60,000 EL it around 85,000 SR NYiT New York institute of technology . But really after u had MBA u will feel different



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