I’ve heard it..I’ve used it..’cause as long as force exists among people..some one will assault and another will defend..and both can say : I had to!

If you sit among rebellions and hear them rhyme their thoughts..the power of their hearts refusing what’s being forced on will feel that you wanna eliminate every living man in command..and if you sit among policemen and hear the words of influence…the way they have to stick it up some big fat drug dealer…you’ll think…oh…but they’re excused..they had to!

The fact is…the world has become two groups…one is wanting to eliminate the other and each sees the other party as the wolfآ ..

On the other hand…how many times have we had to do something to retain a right or push away a fear and we say..we were forced to do this or that…

Force is something that was supposed to be God’s will…nature wise…destiny wise…not something we use to play god with little people just like Chess…who ever is weak and small now and may seem an easy task to play with…will learn from that force used against him and will develop his own set of claws…no more the lamb.

آ آ 


6 thoughts on “Force

  1. Every action has a reaction. When the action is monstrous, a monster is created. When someone oppress another, the oppressed person defends himself, and shouldn’t be blamed.

    Humans are just idiots who oppress other idiots to make idiot actions from both sides…


  2. I think pretty much EVERYTHING comes down to a simple and obvious fact that escapes most people: We are all terribly afraid…afraid of the ‘other’, afraid of being judged, but most of all scared because we don’t really know who we (as humans) are or why we’re here…just creatures living on a big rock trying to create meaning and purpose…


  3. No ho ho…are you trying to make me resemble anything 3abd elwahab sung…not knowing why were we created? 😀 😀
    Kidding…well actually you’re right about the scarey vibes that seem to close all ears and hearts..and again…we had to!
    Discovering the purpose,malfunction and cure is the greatest human task on earth.
    Who has the ensight..who will enlighten??
    That’s the question.
    Welcome aboard..thanks for dropping your wise tip.


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