I’ll stop hearing love songs

I’ll stop hearing love songs

I’ll stop the ache…

I’m being strong..will no more long

No more can my heart take


Won’t run my fingers through my hair

To feel your touch and feel you there

Won’t reach for your pillow tonight

Nothing holds your scent…nothings feels right


That street we walked down hand in hand

All the things you love and demand

Will melt away from my mind

No more love glances…I’m no more blind


If i can make those days vanish

If i canآ stay awake everynight and manage

To scare those dreams away

Wouldn’t wantآ you in myآ viens to stay


Wouldn’t want to remember the hunger..

The sweetness i’ve been fed

The way you held me…tender

While caressed poison as fine as threads


I won’t love the sea and breeze

When your words wrapped my heart

Yet, the truth is that you freeze

All human attempts from your heart..to start


Won’t wait for a minute between your arms

Won’t fall for the lying charms

I’m angry i can’t forget you

I’m lost and i know it…with out you


That’s why i won’t be hearing love songs

I don’t wanna recall the makin’

Love..the breaths you’ve taken

I don’t want to feel the tunes

Reviving each cellآ ..presenting the cures

Reminding me…i’ll go insane

Won’t be hearing love songs

Not anymore…notآ again





6 thoughts on “I’ll stop hearing love songs

  1. zakkartiny fi elfatra elly i decided fiha eno no Shireen songs any more… I hate that time, and i am glad i am back to listen to Shireen and all the songs without feeling any pain!

    Believe me, when you stop hearing love songs you dont change anything. I think we have to stop many deeper things and do other deeper things to make a real difference and a real change!

    Love u ya 3sl 🙂


  2. I won’t begin to tell u how much do i understand you…bas 3arfa elmasal elmasry…elly mesh 2ader 3ala el7omar beyetshatar 3al barda3a 😀
    Ana mesh 2adra 3ala 2albi batshatar 3ala the emotions songs stir..
    It’s a let out…nothing more
    Missed ur emerald presence here 7ala..
    don’t stay far please…thanks ya 3asal 😉


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