Attractive nuisance

As sweet as candies are…as yummy as marshmallows…they can choke to death and that’s exactly what love is…an attractive sweet passionate arousing rush that could kill the spirit…not definitely…just possibly.

Some people can shove the thought away and live a mathematical equation where everything is portioned and calculated to their convenience…some others areآ not so organized when it comes to matters of the heart, they just seem to be amnesiac when it comes to emotions…I guess the whole body chemistry changes and turns the very logical well content person into…a love freak.

I’m not being so hard on those emotional fools…am I?

Well…may be I am ,yet being one of the previously categorized I totally excuse all dumb actions andآ the doped tranquility that drives them blindly into a very complicated situation where they eventually realize what a mess they’ve led themselves into yet bounce up and down like a child with the least hint of their loved ones.

The Love…The One…representآ an attractive nuisance…I won’t give the example of the butterfly / light thing cause I hate overused clichأ©s…I’d rather see it as the lousy game stupid kids play. the chubby bunny thing …imagine jeopardizing loosing your life to get the most quantity of candy up your throat…if you pulled it you’ll have the rush of winning and the sweet taste of candy yet if you choke on it you’ll loose your life!

I’m not exaggerating here…love doesn’t kill…I know…but isn’t living with continuous hunger and starvation of that loved one isn’t living at all…not to mention that living isn’t a hot thing after all .

Yeah…some people will just look at it from their rainbow side and say..well…when it’s true, mutual it will be heaven..

Well excuse me..but that’s just bull we screw ourselves with…it’s a rare rare chance that anyone could have that truly all life long..

Yeah, I’ve been cursed or maybe blessed by being the backstage girl where I see all hidden unrevealed ugliness of the great charade we’re all playing…

Happily married couple…a perfect picture that makes all friends envious: wish you can see your hubbie screwing his best friend’s wife when you were doing your facial!!

And very devoted husband who eats shit for his family and has no idea that his missy curses the day they met cause he hasn’t bought her a convertible yet..

Many many other examples and yes truth hurts and yes YOU won’t take this rationally cause no one – including me to an extent – likes to hear the ugly naked truth!

And the truth is…I can’t live with it and I can’t live without it and I’m falling real hard for the attractive nuisance.





6 thoughts on “Attractive nuisance

  1. sometimes i think that maybe its our fault but really its not , if you didn’t find the someone who bares with your nonsence then he’s not worth your emotions then i say it visa versa maybe we are not worth the love cause we can’t bare with their nonsence .. so i don’t
    Conclusion : am lost with the whole concept thats why *


  2. Tayeb solve this:
    You know they don’t deserve that passion and we had it coming for being less screwed up…how come we can’t accept neither.
    Can’t accept they’re no good so we can go away and forget yet can’t accept also that we should be full of nonsense and live the moment??!!
    Conclusion: Chaos!!
    Cherry*…i just love you 🙂


  3. Hi… Sho hal sawlef!!! Take it easy .. Come on.

    Some love each others in a true way . Some don’t love others and some they change their mind after a while , so what’s strange about that?



  4. Fadi : I wish it was that simple! zaman 3annak wallah 🙂

    Rika : Regarding what you said at the begining of ur post; i believe that Balance is a king!

    and for the rest;
    I know its hard, bs eza elwa7ed bet7ammal awwalha b3eed 3n kol shi elo 3alaqa fi had el source , elwade3 beseer ba3den kteer sahl, la darajeh enek btensy elmawdo3 w betshofeeh ka2ano habal sghar "sorry" believe me! just stay away for a while, "really away" from anything related to that source and you will be surprized by the difference!


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