Honest…children of september..

He has told her so from day one…

Honest men…being so clear and to the point.

Can’t blame them now..can we?

They’ve been honest…


Let me elaborate..

So a man would meet a woman, shows tenderness and care..sweetness and flare..smooth not vulgar nor rude…He would be the gentleman of all times..the Lord of emotional Rhymes..declares his interest and passion…shows the hottest compassion…sees the sea in her eyes…the sky and all treasures in disguise…words of love that wraps the heart in velvet ribbons…full of warmth and tunes from heavens…and while she’s totally swept away…seeing only vague pink clouds…hearing only the harp ticklish strings…feeling only his charms and strong skin…he whispers an honest word…I love you dear…but no promises..

They are the words she would hear yet quickly would disappear…

How could the heart feel a word now that she’s flying away between the stars and his arms..how could her mind realize his defense system striking while she’s paralyzed by how caring he is to an extent that he wants to protect her so he’s being honest!!!

A thought that would probably make her love him more…a gesture she’d cherish but never believes seriously till one day after a long time of escalating intimacy and exaggerated heart filling emotion…he starts to change…not dramatically.. but bit by bit…till she would shed tears from hurt and confusion…scared to confess it to herself…and frightened to confront him with it…Desperate she becomes… so she demands explanations…why would such beauty fade?? why would such glow turn to shade??

And one simple sentence slaps her hard..like a whip on a tired sweaty back..

I told you…From day one!!

No promises!!

Those are the honest children of September…why September?? mostly it’s this way…they are alert..accurate people…planning is their profession..they know exactly what they want..how to get it and what to do to play it safe..

Honest Children of September….No promises!


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