Death…and birth, over a cup of coffee!

We were having my usual coffee atآ a shop i never stepped feet in before, It was his invitation and his suggestion that I was glad to accept as we haven’t been talking lately and he has been once a real good friendآ .

He was one of the exceptions among my friends as I dislike gigolos very much and wouldn’t normally become friends with the type but he was not like that with me and I could always feel some kindness within him…kindness is the main thing i chersih in people and I believe if we had that all could go well sooner or later…he really took me as an understanding friendآ who would listen and share.And I was his exception – as he claims – I was the only female friend he ever had…he was used to only one track thinking regarding females that would usually end up with the type who’d end in his bed!

Being the Hunk he is and beingآ – in my opinion – troubled since childhood in a way that made him only think this way towards girls gave him a wide range of nasty experiences that appeared to make him cocky…he would refer to him self laughing as the handsome devil!

He’s the kind of person thatآ is so full of crap yet he tells it clear…He is one of the children of September by the way…

weآ startedآ exchanging the hellos as usual bulletining each otherآ with the most recent events in work and so…and normally i would ask in a funny way How were the chicks? and i never expected the answer…He said: I’m over this crap…Never Again! and i saw severe pain in his eyes…I almost saw the glow of a hesitant tear.

I demanded further explanation asآ pain and hurtآ coming from HIM was actually weired and boy…did he start talking!!!

He knew this woman that he got with every once in a while…she was from the same nature and living the same life…I had heard about her before and knew their story…And unexpectedly to them she became pregnant!

Not like in the movies and because they shared no feelings but sexual they didn’t get married…but decided to get rid of the baby…the woman was more than five months pregnant and all he could think of is that he has to be there for her during the abortion…he is a man you know and gada3 and so !!! Disgustingly enough…till she entered the operation room he felt nothing but care for her…after a while..waiting in the pit hole they called clinic- it’s an inhuman nasty filthy place to commit crimes in- he saw the weired nurse coming out with a bloody towel that contained something…unconsciously he stopped her and looked to see what was it…It was the fetus…his fetus…his baby…the fetus was alive…looked just like a chewed up tiny heart that was pulsing hard withآ slight features of a baby…andآ as his heart was actually burning him alive…feeling the most hurtful feeling he had ever known… life was going away from the fetus…his soul was taken away and his heart was about to stop as this fetus just stopped living….he couldn’t see anything…his tears filled his eyes and throatآ …he sat down not believing what he had just seen…aching from what he was feeling…hating himself and realizing for the first time the meaning of what he had always thought ofآ as Fun and something macho to be proud of…the games of fake love and sex weren’t hot any more…He knew thatآ his manhood wasآ about giving another life to life…something more holyآ and profound than living like a car that would park anywhere…even in a trash dump just to feel good for a few moments.

What was always cheap and easy to him revealed itself to be a secret of life and a meridian of souls…And Instantly he declared total and final remorse and decided to never ever treat his humanity and others with such disgrace again.

A soul had to be eliminated beforeآ it was born to teach him a life changing lesson.

He hopes we could allآ open our hearts to virtues before hurt scars us forever.


As for me I witnessed death…..and birth, Over a cup of coffee.

And I’ll leave myآ feelings to your Imagination.آ 


11 thoughts on “Death…and birth, over a cup of coffee!

  1. Yes, and i have to say that most men with that kind of thinking rarely do.
    He’s kind from the begining..maybe that’s why he could.
    Thanks for stopping by dear 🙂


  2. It’s real sad what is happening to our societies, I thought I was reading about story that happened here in the west, till I realized you are telling it.

    See hello to your friend!


  3. I couldn’t complete the post really after the alive part, it will remain in my imagination for sometime for I know to some extent how it would be like…

    This is murder whatever the excuses…


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