I gave it a try…

I’ve always believed that finding love isn’t about trial…Isn’t about hitting every road available and hoping one could lead you home!

I’ve always thought it’s an act of nature…It’s like being struck by lightning…unpredictable, incomprehensible and unexpected.

I’ve always been a believer but recently a good friend of mine tried to talk some sense ( his sense ) out of me and tried to convince me that in order to get something good I gotta start using my head and giving my heart a couple of years vacation! and his proof was : look what your heart brought you! nothing but misery !

I objected…tried to prove my point and there was no way I could get to him so it back fired at me and i started listening to his opinion.

He sees it as a mind game…where I’d go for whoever loves me and would take care of my needs and I would shove the fact that he is no hunk away!

We discussed the three or four options I have at hand and I decided to give one a chance or else give myself a chance to think of things differently…

I agreed we’d meet and talk…he’s a nice guy and seems more than interesting…I kept looking at him…trying to imagine ending up with him…I’m sorry to say that but the whole thing was repulsive.

The minute we began to talk about marriage inآ general…I couldn’t say but the truth…I said that although i never thought this way before cause i know I’m too passionate to stay single…I’ve been seriously thinking lately of being the mom that i am only and give all i have to my kids!

It wasn’t nice for him to hear…but i felt relief that i have said it…I had to respect him as i thought that committing to someone that i have no great feelings of loveآ for that would make me want to spend the rest of life with is a crime towards him and myself.


Returning to my friend, I was more powerful…proved my point stating that it maybe good for others…But not me!!

I know how I am and what I’m all about.

And nowآ I’mآ positive more than ever that if i never got struck by lightning it’ll be OK…I can have tons of little hugs from my kiddos…and life will pass anyway.


6 thoughts on “I gave it a try…

  1. The thing is there is no right and wrong answer to the matters of the heart and marriage. every case is different, but when the time comes and the right person is there, nothing can stop it.


  2. Hi ,

    I understand what you are going through… It’s tough.

    Leave it Rasha coz you can’t hurry these things … I don’t look at it as a sole mind thingie .. You know ..

    If you keep walking by the Nile you won’t get that natural mystic in the air .. Coz it’s humid!

    Take care and have a nice time holiday and keep away from those safesta2yeen or whatever!



  3. Coming from the generation of Romance, I believe love is a great feeling no matter what the status is, one who never feel being in love he or she does not know the meaning of being alive.

    Love has to be given time and cannot be rushed, and needs no matter how immediate then can be should not overcome that great feeling. Love and live has only "i"
    and "o" different so it says I owe you, I owe you my happiness and my pain of seperation from the loved one.
    Have a nice day,
    And good luck!


  4. True 3abdallah, You come from the age of romance…
    and true again…love doesn’t need to be rushed yet can’t be left to dellusions!
    Can’t be a thought and a feeling with no grounds at all…
    Can’t be an unfulfilled wish…continously!
    And what i’ve chosen is that…i won’t be in relations simply because i know i will never have what i want.i better stay single that con someone into a relation with me that won’t mean anything in my heart because what can fill my heart is just a dream…a dream!
    Thanks for your good luck wishes..same to u!


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