What happened with me…

Mais* the sweetest cherry of the blogosphere wanted an update…what had happened with me…talk about unexpected twists of fate!

On the last post i was having my drink at my fav. coffee shop waiting for the boss to accept my bye bye baby memo…he arrived 20 minutes after i posted so i went up to the office to find the boss wearing the DEPRESSED FACE 🙂

the admin. manager prepared all the paper work needed and called me in so we can present it to bossآ for his signature and all…

Boss held the paper and picked up the pen and was about to sign when suddenly heآ dropped the pen down and said: I think that you made the wrong decisionآ … please think again.

My heart was about to stop…i adore the company but i hate their lousy salary and taking advantageآ of my skills without any recognition…the other position I’m supposed to move to pays more than double the salary…I have kids to support and it’s not just about wanting more…but i helped him build this company and it’s like my second home.

I’ve been struggling for a while for personal reasons and i needed the move to take my mind off stuff and i thought that was it…three seconds ago was the it!!

I said: Sir, I have an offer as i told you that is very hard to refuse.

He said : I know….listen, in my next trip I’m gonna try getting you a reasonable raise (Dubai is the headquarters guys)…call the other company and try to postpone it a couple of weeks…if i failed you won’t be loosing anything and if i succeed you can have your annual leave and try things over there so you can return if you felt uncomfortable…Mrs.Rasha, Comfort within your company is as important as everythingآ else…you’ve been doing great here and we’d hate loosing you.

I sighed and couldn’t say no to such generosity andآ care…I was grateful.

I felt that i mayآ not be treated equally as my male colleagues financiallyآ but I’m not devalued…so i accepted and here i am writing this post from my lovely office.

I don’t feel i betrayed my kids for my comfort and i don’t feel i betrayed my company for money and Allah brought what’s best unexpectedly as always.

Yet, It’ll be harder for me next time I’d go if i didn’t get the raise…it’s never easy to say goodbye to my company…i may even sacrifice the money forآ what I’m blessed of.

Will wait and see…

Thanks dear thoughtful caring friends.

May Allah bless you all.

2 thoughts on “What happened with me…

  1. i hope you made the rigth decision by staying. money is not always the best thing you get from a job….lots of other aspects of the job that makes it worth getting up in the morning and wanting to go to the office to do it, and do it right! best of luck in getting your raise. have a wonderful day.


  2. Thank you summer for your comment and for visiting.
    I agree money aisn’t the most important thing but if thelack of it is because of a chauvenist thsn it does really matter.
    hugs dear 🙂


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