About my last post….forget it!

Stupid stupid stupid!!

Sorry for feeling stupid…sorry for believing a fat ugly stinky lie…i fell for the act and i believed his crap…

Turned out today that he was sedating me till he shoves my sweetآ ass the right way so the chair could fit another convenient!

Thank god i didn’t screw the other company up yet…all i did was that i left on the spot…i felt frustrated and sad for a couple of hours and decided to start working for the other company first thing tomorrow morning.

So what will happen can be my guest and happen…nothing can be worse anyway.


ah, and by the way…about the emails that lectured me about how money ain’t important and that i shouldn’t be materialistic….well, if accepting that iآ would be paid quarter what a male employee gets for doing quarter the tasks that i do ONLY cause I’m a woman will be thought of as being materialistic and greedy then please….submit the forms for changing my name from rasha to greedy mama first thing tomorrow morning and I’ll be more than happy to sue you out of your last penny for fraud!!


Now, back to track…I’m reading The Secret by Rhonda byrne.






6 thoughts on “About my last post….forget it!

  1. OMG, you sound like somebody I know when you’re made and been manipulated by somebody’s very fake kindness, ME 😀
    Same position I would’ve felt the same way, but still doesn’t justify your attitude, meshan Allah ma tez3ali, streets are full of creatures like this boss, not that this makes this behavior legitimate, but it makes the shock less intense on you sweet lady, 5alas mom said no for London and for being away from her, so I’m gonna be here stuck for a while reading your beuatiful posts, do I see a smile on your face yet 😉
    Love you sugar 🙂


  2. Rashou … Good for you ..
    whever it happens leave and get a better pay o do whatever you feel like its not a homework , we spend half of our lives at work atleast we should enjoy it and get paid for it and for the rest of our lives ..

    Cheers my girl*


  3. Jerusalem my dear dear dear dear sweetie.
    May Allah bless your beautiful MOM.
    I’m happy…reaaaaaal happy you’re staying..
    and why is that?? i’m telling you in my next post 😉


  4. Yeah Mais* it’s not homework!
    3arfa…we should claim our rights..begad…just take a deep breath and speak loud and say: I"M GONNA GET THIS!
    Kisses 🙂


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