Second jobless day…humming songs of strange types…surfing blogs and liking what i read…cooked yummy home made pizza with my special tomato sauce for my kids…read more of The Secret…getting messages from colleagues from my old company and from Dubai which brought tears in my eyes but somehow I’m not letting it drop me into sadness and depression…


mmm…yesterday i visited the beauty shop forآ a quick pedicure but since then i haven’t left my bed except when nature called.


I’m thinking of a new hair cut and color…i knowآ blond suits me but i was thinking of brown again…don’t know!


Now about the weight thing…I’ll be returning to the club tomorrow god willing…I’ll never be very slim and i know that…I’m well built and with curves by nature so nothing can change that…but the margins are not sophisticated 😀 hahah…at work I’m so strict and firm but the image taked me a little longer than usual to deliver that message.


what else rashroush…oh…my car has been done, i saw it yesterday at the service centre…my sweet lovely car was among hundreds of wrecked..semi wrecked and new cars…but they won’t be giving it to me yet…for the damn paper work that they have to do…why the heck didn’t they do it in the process instead of doing it after a month??!! i have no idea.


Last night i watched Legally blond 2, I don’t know if I’m loosing it or what but i was inspired byآ that film…amusing indeed if u wanna vacuum ur head 🙂


Good after noon everybody 🙂


آ آ 

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