Don’t have to know…

I’m the kind of person that always gets to know things they shouldn’t!

I shouldn’t know about the talk behind my back.

I shouldn’t know about people’s intention.

I shouldn’t know that someone hated me, thought i was silly or ugly!

These types of information shouldn’t be publicized…shouldn’t be open and running to get me!

I – some how- get to know what’s behind the curtains, someone trusted tells me…i over hear…i give the sense of comfort that makes people able to talk to me even if it’s about me.

Am I happy about it?

Hell no.

The less I know the better and there’s no doubt about that.

Knowledge is good in books…the Internet…

But not that kind of knowledge.

Speaking of that, John Legendآ got that right!

I know 😦


22 thoughts on “Don’t have to know…

  1. Wallah ya Rasha mesh 3arefh sho a7keelek, for me, it depends on the situation itself, like in a job, it’s essential that we know what our superiors think of us as this might help us improve.
    But in some specific situations it’s not good to know, and I found out lately, people let you know of what they think of you maybe cause they can’t hold the grudge inside anymore and they won’t bother to tease you a bit, which would absolutely reduce their anger…
    Take care and don’t bother, mostly they’re not giving true opinions, they’re just trying to create a distorted perception about you in others’ minds and in your beautiful mind if that’s what it takes to break you down 😀


  2. Naaaaaaaaaaaa
    Love ur analysis sis 🙂
    notice the double sis 😀
    Strange thing…when i have a headache…a strong one like the one i have now…EVERYTHING feels and seems minor.
    Allah ye3afi eljamee3 .


  3. eza kathora noba7 el kelab 5alfak fa3lam anaka fel moqadema 😀 😀
    This is the way I look at it and I suggest u do the same 😛

    I know it can be really bad sometimes but once u get used to it , it is more like music to ur ears 😀 because it is a reminder of how many hours a day these ppl are spending over u ! thinking about u , back biting u and telling others about u 😛


  4. That is one great perspective 😀
    now, Every time it pisses me off i visualize the barking 😀
    and the more they haw haw the more i laugh 😀
    Enty teganeni ya lost 😀


  5. My dear sister…

    You know something? This used to KILL ME!!! But I dunno, maybe halla2 I have no heart, but I don’t care about it!!! Walah be wooden cent!

    I swear I dunno… it’s just I HEAR people saying my name, but I just turn my back, and feel so satisfied… maybe because I know for sure that they also have weaknesses in their lives… so they should start talking about their pathetic life instead of judging me or whatever!..

    Take it easy, and whoever says something hateful and hurtful, remember that they aren’t perfect either, and they’ll never be…


  6. it used to and still bothers me that thing called ppl’s judgements.
    and now i see what kind of silly am i to care for ppl. ppl whome thier outside and what they show is best expressed in the word "contradictions",and i can guess which terrible deal of shit do they hide deep inside.


  7. Well Fantasia, yes, they short confidence and personality that’s for sure…still it bothers me 😦
    Especially at work…i love it so much and i make them so insecure.
    Well, allah yehdi eljamee3.
    Hugs dear 🙂


  8. Ahmed, ezayak ya Doctor 🙂
    Hope you’re doing great …well, it says a lot about them that’s for sure. the thing is, i can’t stop feeling bad when i do realize life ain’t as simple as i think.
    Allah yostor 🙂


  9. Didn’t get you perfectly this time sweet Caller,
    but let’s see, if it was on the social level then you don’t have to worry about it, simply cause this is what social life is about, and that’s people’s no.1 entertainment: talk, talk and only talk 🙂


  10. very true…
    Some stuff are meant to be hidden…
    ya3ni lau 7ad mesh bale3ne…we yewsalne ino mesh bale3ne..mana 7aba6el abla3o we 7anew2af be zoor ba3ad for ever…

    hahahahaha…bas t5ayali lau feeh sara7a bel maudoo3 hada…
    to23od jamb 3ela mathalan..
    yetala3 feek el abo:
    "hey inta…ana bakrahak !!"
    ya wlad shoofo hada el shab ele bnekraho..
    wel wlad " ya allah t5ayalnak eishi tani men kotor ma baba bekrahak"

    khale ele mesh mbayen mesh mbayen..bala waj3et ras !!

    great post..yadol 3an wa5adan bal 7ad !


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