A great personality…that’s what it takes to be someone who can find his freedom in every state..

freedom can be found inside a prison cause it’s all about the free spirit..

when you are not confused about your own bieng,yourself can sense peace inside you..the peace that sets your spirit free..

it’s not about not having any’s not about bieng wild.cause if that’s the case you’ll never feel the peacefull freedom..instead you’ll feel lost and unsatisfied no matter what you do or how hard you try..

It’s about knowing your rights and your duties and believing in them..only then you will not have any unanswered will not wonder about your will not be lost..not anymore..

you will be closerآ to allah who created this universe and you’ll find your self within that universe.

you’ll discover that allah created this universe to serve you..and that he created you to know your creator and praise him forآ his greatness,generousity and mercy..

And your price will be ..heavens,wide as earth and skies..only for you..

We often as a bird…but when we want to do that we tend to make a mess..

the truth is birds don’t violate anyone’s rights..they are free in the way that allah created for them..who taught them to search for food and build thies nests::..allah

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  who taught them to fly and protect thier eggs..::allah.

Didn’t he do the same for us..and more..cause humans are on the top of all creations..

and to make us more happy and blessed in life and after..he sent mohammad(sa3s)with the miraculous sunnah to show us the way allah want us to live our to make choices not.. what to choose..

But humans tend to resist the stream..resist success..resist freedom..

Don’t you wanna be free as a human.??آ 


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