What about a shade of green??

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys…o.k..!

I’ll go with the green then.

We made those kind of rules…we did…and if we’d see a man walking down the street in a pink t-shirt we would go..euuh.

Also,if we saw a girl wearing blue all the time we’d call her ..boyesh..

what’s the point??

My point is not to reconsider the colour palette..no, but to reconsider what we set and then take for granted and use to judge others.

We must accept the differant and call it special..not weired..

We must learn toآ measure things through the scale of allah not by our scale..

humans differ from country to country and within the same country..cause people tend to make a special set of rules when they are grouped within the same circumstances..

the onlyآ valid set of rules that could succeed anywhere are the rules that allah made for humankind cause his rules doesn’t hurt anyone ..anywhere;but on the contrary..it makes people more nobel and human..

remember how the arab’s island was like befor islam…harsh,statue worshippers,sinfull and stone hearted ,that they used to bury their girls alive..those are the same peopleآ that later after islam wre kind,muslims,virtuousand hadآ allah’s bless in their lives..

Other than allah’s way..is no way..

Other than the rules of alsunnah ..are no rules..

Any rule,idea,theory,manner or discovery made by a human..is open for discussion and can be proven wrong..

We have been taught all our lives(unfortunatly)that it’s wrong to walk half naked in the street..but at the same time it’s o’k to beآ almost naked on the beach….hello!!

While socities that don’t live as ridiculously open..struggel now to take off their veils in order to be liberated…

We can’t be that twisted..and if we are jenuine beleivers in allah..we must trust his religion..we must stop being selective when it comes to obligations..

It’s not about pink or blue..it’s all about who are you…who?آ آ آ 



6 thoughts on “What about a shade of green??

  1. yet again..a great post…
    i cant believe u can write out such a nice artical out of Pink and Blue stereotypes.
    u must be a journalist.


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