great expectations..!




To be honest..this blog is a reaction for another blog’s post..

It’s amazing how greatly people expect from anyone who appears to be religious.

They tend to magnify every flow into an accusation of biengآ  a lot of horrible things.

As i claim to be one myself i must testify..

o.k..your honour..i swear to say the truth and nothing but the help me god::

It’s very hard for anyone to practicly live a fully religious life,cause he will start to look a little differant..people will treat him as a dark,not fun to be with,retarded and sometimes a terrorist.

people will avoid him..he won’t be invited to gatherings and they won’t visit or call as usual..

Don’t think for a second that i few kind of people will maintain a carefull relation with him…those are the people who are good inside..who are not intemidated by the fact that he reminds them of their sins..without him saying one happens automaticly..

ofcourse he will be judged and convicted if any of his flows would interact with them..

their will be no excuses..and they will find that asآ a false excuse for their neglegians..cause>>if that’s what religion is..then no..we are good inside with manners and great dealing without being that religious<<or that is what they claim..

so the poor man suffers all day with the weired treatment..and ofcourse if he would loose his temper by mistake or claim for his rights….it would be livin’ hell..from the sarcasim…

allah the mercifull will send him considerate companions ofcourse..but this is the way it usualy goes with people in many of our cities..

please..please..please..we are only human from flesh and blood are made..

we’re humans ,bound to make mistakes

Trying and trying to be faithfull

trying to please allah..sometimes we get week..


don’t have so much great expectations, we are not prophets nor companions of prophets…

please read how mohamad(sa3s)treated sa7abia commited adultry and came to him to confess and get punished so she won’t be punished after death cause paradise was so preacious to her..he treated her with mercy and never said a bad or blaming word to her..and after she was punished he ordered his companions to pray on her…

It’s not easy to be a little differant even if you’re differant in a right way..

at the end..any price we pay is cheap..cause aljannah is very very precious..



5 thoughts on “great expectations..!

  1. Dear the caller,

    For the readers, the post the caller is talking about is:

    My friend, I was never my intention to offend you by any means..

    Again, I have to say that sometimes when we write down our thoughts, many other factors reflect what we are going to write…Sometimes it’s hard for me to pass the whole picture of the situation that lead me to write what I have written…There will always be something messing, because it’s so hard to cover all the angles of the certain story…

    The man I was talking about was a case which thought that praying is what matters…His way in treating others is (monaferah)…And he should be an example that everyone should look up to…

    He thinks that he’s perfect, and thinks that he presents Islam…

    It isn’t a highly expectaions from my side or others…but, it’s his attitude that makes you stop for one second and think, "what does he think he’s doing?"

    I have to add one thing, my mother is a religious person, and who met her says the following (there is a strange light that shines from her face)…Does that mean my mother is perfect? Nope she isn’t …she’s a human being…But she has the Islamic attitude that makes the whole world love her…

    I hope I cleared things up 🙂


  2. dear neverland,this post is nothing but a reaction towards the subject you wrote about but it’s not about your openion in particular..cause i understood what you wrote and i got the meaning and i don’t disagree that this behavior is rebeling..not at all..but as i read the reaction and words of the comments on the post i realized that others took it to another level..and it made me want to offer the actual other side of the story to present what religious people go through..and please give my deepest regards to your dear mother…
    i also have to say that i use the word (religious)to describe that kind of people to clear the meaning but i think that any muslim is religious and we differ in the level of maintaining the faith..
    thank you..and i hope you got my point.


  3. asalam 3alaykom,dear neverland..i read your last comment today..and i want to say that i realy respect you too and that you are my favorite blogger as a person..


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