It’s all because of that damn dress

After yesterday’s quarrel with my boss…after having very sore muscles all night…the last thing i needed was to change my 30 year routine and get into a DRESS !!

A god damn dress that makes me feel so weired i can hardly concentrate on my work…It’s a double layered chiffon dress..long of course…but i feel air everywhere it’s like I’m not wearing anything.

3abaya was so much better when i used to wear it two years ago…I’m really considering going back home for a quick change…the problem is that it’s an hour drive at least and my boss is cranky as it is.

I think I’m gonna call my mom and let her get me an outfit…some respectable pair of paints and a blouse.

Dresses are so silly…gosh i can’t work!

oh and the stockings are so annoying….


I will never do that again…NEVER!


16 thoughts on “It’s all because of that damn dress

  1. That’s the way to go sistahhhhh !
    No dresses needed !! I hate wearing them , they are so not comfy , a dress might look gooood but it will never ever take over pants πŸ˜€


  2. Rashou .. you made me laugh …
    u remind me with myself but guess am a worse case i feel short whe wearing a watch and don’t ask me why πŸ™‚ ..
    Thanks alot for commenting i do appreciate i hope u’ll end up today feling better as trying the worse makes the less of things look better …
    Cheers and kisses for ur kids *


    Yeah hehehe…everypne at the office complimented me on the dress thing but i was cranky all day…
    Today, I’m back on track with a pair of my precious jeans.


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