Few of my favorite things..

The Satellite man screwed up my channels and i have a long night watch free so I had to turn to my good old network for entertainment and that means checking that nice golden star that breaks down the list of my favorite sites.

I tend to have little crushes with some blogs or sites and it could last forever depends on how good the writer keeps the passion going.

As i checked the list i keep visiting now a days i had to share them with you…here u go:

  • The best real, vibrant, funny, passionate and unique blog i read in a long time is : The Pioneer Woman which has an exquisite love story telling how she met her husband aka Marlboro Man…how she coped with the cow boys when she was a city girl and how she cooks amazing dishes photoed in an excellent way with the greatestآ funniest recipe writing I’ve ever read. she has a heck of a site indeed.آ 

  • I check Organic Muslimah…she has a unique character about her, she’s an Egyptian who’s born and raised in the states and that is a heck of a mix i tell ya but her Islamic views from the other side of the Atlantic always touch something in me.

  • Her Oblivia written by Insomniac takes the whole blogging thing to a new level where an Egyptian lady DOESN”T fear of judgment and writes her daily struggle to win a divorce battle against a cheater yet trying to maintain sanity in a society that feeds on cliches especially that she’s a workingآ mom.

  • Finally, I Love mab3oos…as he is…and I would hate to see him changing his style.

Those are enough for tonight but by the way, I miss the passion i used to follow in some blogs that i won’t mention cause i don’t wanna offend them in anyway.آ 

10 thoughts on “Few of my favorite things..

  1. Hey Caller, you did a good job here, jazakee allah 5ayran, actually you introduced some interesting blogs…
    BUT to tell you the truth, I wasn’t very comfortable with your last paragraph, where you miss the passion, I don know really what you mean 😐


  2. thank you very much for the inclusion. I promise I won’t change. It is just sometimes I like to be serious and write about some pressing issues that affect Arabs, and Jordanians in particular. That’s why I created my other blog: to keep mab3oos the way he is. Always mab3oos!
    the name mab3oos has different meanings. For some, i.e. Qwaider, it means "fingered," as in given the finger. The more common usage is an Adjective meaning Pissed off, which is the meaning I refer to.

    Thank you again, Qwaider and El Gohary too, and hope to be the mab3oos you always knew!


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