Just an Impulse

I’ve poemed Lamely about yesterday’s strike but as the day ended and while surfing the Internet to hear what’s going on on other people’s minds I’ve came to a conclusion…this society of ours are divided into three groups…

The upper alienated class who joke about the Big Deal as they put it here…

The upper still involved and caring class who doesn’t feel according to how many Le Carnival deserts they’ve bought last night…

And the working everyday class who feel the pain, have the urge to complain and the power to strike Or protest or even end up dragged to jail for just having a loud voice…and those aren’t categorized according to any type of classifications whether it’s rich / poor, politically oriented / koftageya or cultured / bee2a.


I think this country needs a HUGE wake up call…we can’t just switch channels to switch the pain into freezing passive attitudes like we do when we watch the Iraqis, Lebanese or palestinians in the News…the dead bodies are ours and the sticks are ours too.


Very soon will the three types melt into a bigger force that will expel whoever didn’t belong anyway to the country abroad or whoever don’t give a damn cause he’s the one making the big bucks from other people’s misery…


Very soon a revolution will build up…very soon they won’t be able to gather all forces to oppress the angry people…some day they won’t know when it’ll hit and they won’t know how big it’ll hit… it’s a snow ball attracting more Egyptian spirits everyday.








8 thoughts on “Just an Impulse

  1. ظƒظ„ط§ظ… ظƒط¨ظٹظٹظٹظٹط±
    You know, I totally agree with you. There is this group in the society that always comes back with "what’s the big deal" argument. They’re called "the fifth column". They try to undermine glorious achievements of people for no apparent reasons. But many consider them to be worse than the enemy.
    Sadly, I don’t see it as optimistically as you do, I don’t think anything will happen anytime soon. I think people will continue to suffer under the weight of social injustice. And will die suffering from it.
    Is it time for a new revolution? I don’t know, but when the Ikhwan don’t feel the pulse of the people and interact with it, then all is lost!

    By the way, things are going to get pretty ugly soon, not only in Egypt … but in the whole Arab world


  2. Well Rasha, Im sorry but I kind of agree with what Qwaiders said here, I wish I could be more optimistic but people are sort of lost, they’re being programmed completely by the media to follow certain trends and adopt specific patterns. This might sound irrelevant but for an example I’ll tel you that when I go out to big malls here in Jordan or places where you meet lots of people, I get shocked from the quick drastic change in their behaviors and attitudes, I start thinking have I gone obsolete or are they following previously set benchmarks blindly? Benchmarks that are just sugar-coated in the outside, but have no intellectual content in the inside. We are importing everything without questioning its credibility even our basic living, WHEAT!
    The middle class you’ve mentioned, they get busy in receiving some education or orientation to prepare themselves for a fierce career battle during the 22-30 years of age, sooner after getting married, they get very consumed in raising their products and maintining the status quo, cause they’re too afraid of being deprived from their jobs or living rights!
    May Allah bless you and sorry sis for my big mouth 🙂 Inshallah things will be better soon… When somebody has the guts to break the chain of silence 😀


  3. Another strike will be striking Iron while it’s still hot on the 4th of May…If things didn’t sleep and the snow ball kept rolling to a bigger mass…change will be soon, hopefully.
    And yes, Qwaider…you’re right, things will be going bad although I have the feeling that the world should’ve had enough trouble but seems like it’s natural flowing thing.
    allah yostor.


  4. The chain of silence has been broken dear jeru…it’s the chain of the jail cells that remain too tight around our heads…people are scared of what’d happen if they were dragged to Jail like everyone who had been!

    I believe that when we’re too many they won’t be able to fight us…we’re freakin’ more than 70 millions for god’s sake!

    We should win this and turn things around.
    May Allah bless you dear 🙂


  5. Exactly, that’s what I meant, threatening sombody’s life, e.g. throwing them in jail, even if the chain of silence is being broken, then another chain is being created, one that is developed by teaching the remaining majority a lesson through the jail punishment.
    70 millions, hmmmm, let me see, you’re lucky guys, wish there were that much everywhere, that’s a real threat, you understand what I mean dear 😉


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