Damn Hot Iron!

Let’s frighten the little weenies! I believeآ the panic took them by storm…I believe they’re tired and hitting hard while they’re still trying to figure out the spelling of the word STRIKE is just a perfect unintentional planning that turned out to be perfect, especially that they’ve learned from the previous strike how to keep it hush hush!


Now, I really believe an organized more confident strike can do something significant.

After all we are so many for god’s sake…Imagine what any fraction of the 70 million and more Egyptian population can do…Key Effect if most strikers were working for the gov. themselves…If they had the guts to do that it will be amazing.


Analysing the previous strike…there was doubt, fear and chaos from both parties: the force of justice and the anti force of justice…it was – in my opinion – more of a trial, but seeing what that reluctant strike did to the gov. and how every big shot in uniform got his sad ass down the street resembles the Panic it caused…


The streets that are usually crowded enough to make my 15 min drive from work to home an hour and a half – at least – drive…were almost empty of drivers.


We can make the Effect…We can enforce justice…we can do it…We can!


13 thoughts on “Damn Hot Iron!

  1. The ones who will do the change are the few who will sacrifice, while the others are watching, I never seen such a negative society like ours. Ghoutha ka ghoutha2 alsayl…Ghoutha2yeen ya Rasha 😐


  2. Lah ya Abdullah, don’t say that, wallah you can never be deseprate about the Egyptian people, they’re trying their best at most, I’ve seen it before 🙂
    By the way Rasha, I believe that all is needed some kind of organization and strikes would achieve the agreed upon objectives if implemented with rigid determination.
    Sis I liked the uniform big shot thing description, bestahalo, love you for that and for everything 🙂


  3. nice !!
    at least something is moving in the arab world..mesh mohem moving where !!

    and you are totaly right, 2eed wa7da ma betza2afsh, bas law 70 million eed be6la3o 140 million 2eed, bte2leb el leila feshenke7 khales !!
    aywa heek…wa5adan el bal 3ala 2osoolo 😀


  4. See you got everybody excited and warmed us up with this post, ya 3ammi meen 2addek, hamede the few words man leaving two comments on one post, he got excited didn’t believe people wake up eventually so he said walk first, loooooooooool 🙂


  5. la howa hameede heek,
    daiman 3endko msg ma been el so6oor, so akeed kan be3ne eishi kbeer lama 7aka walk, bas mo3aqad aktar men fehemna we ma r7 net5ayalo so ghayarha la wake !!



  6. ظˆط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ ط­ط³ط³طھظ†ظٹ ط¨ط§ظ„ط؛ط¨ط§ط، ط§ظ„ظ…ط¯ظ‚ط¹ ظٹط§ ط´ط±ظٹظپطŒ
    ط®ظ„ظٹظ†ظٹ ط£ظƒطھ ط·ظ† ظ‡ط§ظ„طµط¯ط§ ط¹ظ† ط±ط§ط³ظٹ 😀


  7. 3abdallah, On the contrary…Egyptians are not watching nor silent…NOW they’re growing more andf more Positive and Active.
    and please remember what Mohammed (PBUH)said: alkhayro fee wa fee omati ela yawm eldeen.


  8. Jeru dear , ur so right…Organized strikes will do wonders fe3lan inshallah.
    hehehe love u too and yes beystahlo 😀

    Now about that Sharifo guy :D, shofti 7ad wa5ed balo aktar men keda…one of a kind indeed 😀


    aham 7aga en elfashenka7 lesa sayeb basmeto 😀
    and you’ve won the annual award for wa5adan elbal 😀
    Hamede is one of a kind wallah…


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