Ending a charade

Very few people know how to end a complicated relationship without hurting each other.

Very few people have the heart to choose not to get back aggressively at the other just because things aren’t going his/her way.

Very few lovers end their relationships yet stay friends.

and very few friends end their not so well relationship with no hard feelings.


Why am i saying that NOW?


Cause I’ve been experiencing some of the mentioned above.

And I’ve been really hurt, I’ve hurt some and now all i can do is Forgive and Forget!


Move on, let go…turn to that new phase I’ve been talking about for ages without really starting it.


I’ll slow down…I’ll try to experience something Divine called STILLNESS!


Re-energize…refocus…and pursue a dream.


Have a good day everyone.


9 thoughts on “Ending a charade

  1. You know, I’ve been having some rough time with a friend, but I think we’re going to get over it.
    We know who’s to blame but we’ll not go there. Khalas, forgive and move on. Especially for good friends

    May Allah help you


  2. So, there is a third party involved…allah yesam7o.
    but know what, make sure the third party isn’t just someone u both chose to blame to make peace with eachother with clean hands!
    May Allah help you too.


  3. It’s good that you’ve posted about this, cause I was planning for one of a blow up kind post, rabbena yostor 3alaikee 🙂
    Anyway, imagine that I forget and forgive, but guess what keeps reminding me again and again? The other party didn’t forget I figured that as they’re still doing all the bad stuff they’ve been doing since years (by the way they think they’re too smart for me to figure them out and they have no least doubt that I know) honestly sister I don’t know what to do, now I’m pusruing an ignorance strategy, but it seems they don wanna forget, wallah they’re the ones who need help apparently!!!


  4. Forgiving is really something precious. I usually forget what happened, but I rarely ever forgive. If there will be a situation that I will be with that someone I forgot, I usually don’t be the good one.


  5. Hello ,

    Yes thats hard especially when the other party is stone head!

    You know ya Rasha: Where do you get these words from and get fabric around them? CHARADE ….

    How are you ?


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