A different Friday

I know I’m not a seven year old and i shouldn’t be feeling this way but it does feel very strange.


I tried to remember when did my mom every left me home alone and i only remember one incident when i was about 15…she was in the hospital for two days to do a simple surgery…back then it didn’t feel that terrible because i was a naughty teenage who took the advantage to party and i did have a boy friend then so, ya3ni…3adi 😀


While i have never lived without my mom even when i was married, it was hard to travel and leave her alone…i just couldn’t do it except when my dad was the one insisting that I’d travel with him – Allah yer7amo- in that case i could never have said no…dad?? Europe and such ??آ are u kiddin’ me?!.


The last time i traveled was years ago before i had my kids and that’s why the trip to the airport last night held hard memories and bitterness along with the feeling that my mom will travel and leave us alone…the only soothing thing was the fact that i was thrilled that she was going for the 3omra. see, when 3omra is an easy thing for most people who either go for it all the time or choose not to, it was a long lost hope for my mom as she had to wait very long years for the legal age to do the 3omra alone ( no hubby & no son & no brother ) 7aga bo2s !

Coming to think about it, I’d probably wait years as well…let me calculate now hassan is seven and a half so i have at least 10 more years…eza kan fel3omr 3omr.


I didn’t have a minute of sleep last night, wind blew so strong that a window on the upper floor kept slamming against the building making a horrible sound…then thunder… then rain!

I began toآ feel totally unsafe and aslan ana mesh na2sa so i turned on every lamp in the house and kept watching TV all night and until -آ right after dawn – I was able to call mom and make sure she arrived to Almadina safe and sound, that i was able to shut my eyes into a tired nap…and yeah, i say nap cause my kids woke up at 5:30 am – as usual – and the daily routine of drinks and breakfast + the Friday morning cartoon started and the infinite, invincible sha2awa that is going on ….as i write this…

My head feels likeآ hadabet elmo2attam fell on it .

I wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!



6 thoughts on “A different Friday

  1. Yeah that makes two of us. Wallahi I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep! With all the nightmares and this Spring allergy… 7ayati mo3anah. 😦

    Can’t you go to 3omra with bunch of ladies? Inno as a group?


  2. Only if a lady is over 45 😦

    I remember akher marra nemt feeha all night was when i graduated 😀

    since then it’s either a nagging hubby or a cryin’ baby or the ultimate too long depression Insomnia…7ayati ana kaman mo3anah 😀
    i’m pathetic and it’s hilarious hhahahahah


  3. Rasha, hope your mother have a very blessed trip to Omra and comes home safe and sound!! ط¹ظ‚ط¨ط§ظ„ظƒ ظ‚ط±ظٹط¨ط§ ظٹط§ ط±ط¨!!


  4. ظ‡طھط؛ظ…ط¶ظٹ ظˆطھظپطھط­ظٹ ظˆطھظ„ط§ظ‚ظٹ ط­ط³ظ† 20 ط³ظ†ط© 😀

    ط¥ظ† ط´ط§ط، ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ ط¹ظ…ط±ط© ظ…ظ‚ط¨ظˆظ„ط© ظˆط­ط¬ ظ…ط¨ط±ظˆط± :)))


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