Long evening…

We returned, the kids and I at 6 pm.

That clock thing is annoying…summer time and an hour was added for no apparent reason.

Anyway, it’s annoying cause bed time is now eight instead of seven…no big deal i know but still i feel zeft about it.

I cleaned them up, fed them yummies as we watched Charley and the chocolate factory ( I love Johnny Depp) and tried my best to keep their minds on the moral of the movie not the sugar rush.

They didn’t finish the movie…they slept just like two kittens 🙂


I had to work on the website ( you know which one 😛 ) till it was around midnight when i shouldve gone to sleep but no way…for the fourth night i couldn’t even feel lazy…till now!


Switching channels for hours between silly and sillier shows and films.

I even gave up ( I resist all emotional enhancers these days) and listened to fadl shaker’s new song…roo7, 7abebi roo7…yekhreb beetak ya fadl.

The song hit something hard yet i couldn’t give in to any depression…dakheel allah i’ve had enough!


I, all of a sudden and without any freakin’ reason remembered a conversation with someone very very dear to me…she was arguing about some serious family stuff that i found so amusing so i laughed my zala3eem out. The lady mumbled that laughing wasn’t appropriate.

Again, why would i remember that?? What’s so significant about that??

No, I wasn’t in a funny mood but sometimes that’s how my nervousness manifest…this is how – sometimes – i deal with bitterness.

Now that i admit – yes, i do – that it wasn’t appropriate to laugh…i’ll do my best to express it some other way.

What i can’t promise is holding a laugh about something really silly and funny…i crack up and can’t stop the giggles till i tear and cough…


If only I can Tag a cloud right above my head that says some messages to the world…like:

Hey world, take me as i am!

Or…Hey world, give me a #$%&* break !


Won’t that be great…I’d still have theآ tough yet sweet attitude…it won’t be me cursing…it would be the message cloud 😀

apparently ana bahayes 😀


Now that it’s 4:30 am I can’t sleep if i wanted to…kids will wake up shortly for their school.

Hassan has the final exam for Arabic and religion today ( I was about to say tomorrow ) and I have to Interview staff for my office…


now, let me make a sandwich and a cup of coffee…good morning 🙂


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