First day

While most people have the butterflies in their stomachs on their first day in a new job…because of worries, new colleagues and stuff, I’mآ having the chills for starting the first day at my office although I’m the boss ( god! that sounds great 😀 ) and i have no colleagues yet.


The worry though is that THIS would fail.

Worry, is an under statement. it’s fear!


I did it, against all odds…now what?!


Why am i writing this? well, Just marking the day.



13 thoughts on “First day

  1. The first key to success after tawfee2 Rabena tabt3an, is considering your job as something you do for fun, something you enjoy. And I guess you will have this spirit inshaAllah

    God be with you 🙂


  2. I wish you all the success, it’s in Allah’s hands, pray to him and do what you can, i.e., all the factors that lead to success and distinction in your field of business.
    Do not get frustrated by the fierce rivalry or competition, because that’s what business challenge is about, try your best and be strong enough to stand for it…
    What else? hmmm, if I remember more tips I’ll let you know sis, luv u 🙂


  3. Wallah ya jeru ana 6ale3 3eeni men so much negativity towards female business women.
    I just say ya rab!
    allah yekremek ya 3azezati 🙂
    wish u were here 🙂


  4. No secret khales ya hani, Marketing and business consultancy.
    Affiliating also with the best consultants regarding every aspect of business: legal, engineering, accounting…etc.
    it’s a new trend in Egypt that started just a few years back…not an invaded field quiet yet.
    Rabena yesahel 🙂
    Thank you so much for your nice congrats.


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