Saturday 17th right before midnight,

I watched a movie called Holly Smoke starring Kate Winslet whose really one of my favorites.

Moral: We all have sick needs that an humiliate us and guess what? It turned to be an Illusion !


Couldn’t stand the severe migraine and shoulder pain and i needed to calm down as i was having multiple anxiety attacks since Friday noon for reasons that i can’t reveal so i had the previously mentioned candle experience.


The movie Influenced me with all the Indian theme and I decided to sleep on the floor…a sheer blanket beneath me and a single pillow had the thing going and after two hours of tossing ad turning i finally fell asleep in the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in a loooooooong time.


Sunday 18th 10:00 am.,

I decided to take it easy on ME for the day…so, although i had lots of assignments for the week and despite the fact that i had the most terrible weekend, I decided to NOT go to the office but to work from somewhere nice and i chose a nearby coffee shop with WIFI and all…I had a nice light breakfast…worked a bit…decided not to jam my head with worries for the day and absolutely not think of anything negative…those will be shifted just like i do with useful thoughts whenever i choose totally against my best interest!


By around 3:30 pm and after a nice walk I went to see a light comedy ( What Happens In Vegas)آ in a near by movie theatre ALONE and to tell you the truth I LOVED IT…not only IT the movie but the fact that i did it for me and with me and only me.

I had a disturbing phone call that I thought of as the PERFECT CLOSURE rather than a disturbance…shoved the whole issue down the drain and went shopping for the kids…met a friend – ENO hanem 🙂 – and went home 3ala angham ANGHAM’S CD.


I know i should be asleep now and i will shortly but i had to mark this day and write this.


I’m taking it easy.

Have a good day…Tomorrow 🙂


One thought on “Closure

  1. Momtaz 😀
    You do have to take it easy sister, cause whether or not you take it easy life’s going on, and it’s only YOU who have to deal with the stress solo!
    Check your email, it’s an interesting slide show and a great reminder 🙂


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