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Bonjour madames et monsiours.

D’accord,آ do you know how the frenchآ people pronounce English? well, It’ll sound just like what i’m writing right now.

Je realizedآ that struggling to enforce a thought is ne beau pas…it makes us tres fatigue and with zero capability to relax.

Just giving in to some simple factsآ of la vie is very comforting.

All the paroles won’t begin to explain the freshness i’m feeling right now.

To be able to see and think clearly is aآ bliss.

Mon amis, I’m proud to announce that rien problems is gonna effect me anymore

An old saying saidآ ‘ cherches la femme ‘ when it comes to trouble but they were totally wrong…it has nothing to do with hommes nor femmes, it’s the mind set – whatever it is – that builds piles of dellusions that stir negative feelings and unrealistic expectations.

Life is simple…its whole package is on the table and each one of us have the choice to deal pocker or estimation!

Today i’m going to relax with my kids and enjoy this jour d’ete


now, why don’t we have croissants et cafe’ then tune to some french music.

Have a magnifique day 🙂


*pardon my screwed up french 😛


8 thoughts on “Bonjour…relax

  1. Salut , comment allez vous? Nothing beats a beautiful summer day by the Nile …

    Enjoy … And thank you for the comment on my blog .. Wallahy yo made me happy 🙂


  2. Another thing here .. I was watching the "ط¹ط§ظˆط²ظ‡ ط§طھط¬ظˆط²" blog from Egypt on the ARABIA news this afternoon then I told Mr. K that this blogger should meet up with you because she made it to the news with a huge number of readers to her blog .. Just like your blog … It was an interesting interview on TV …

    One day everybody will get to see you on TV when they feature your blog on TV5 😉

    Keep the good blogging spirit here .

    take care


  3. beau poste! espérons que vous avait une atmosphère détendue et agréable journée!
    pourriez-vous supprimer le s’il vous plaît-pulg depuis, je suis la "carte verte loterie" pop up? Je me demande pourquoi est mr.Q porno pop-ups!
    vous pouvez toujours utiliser le traducteur Google pour pouvoir lire mes commentaires en Anglais!


  4. See ya Caller ?? Summer came by and wiped things off .. Ya3ny it took me an hour in order to write you something in French .. Elle nous a suprend debout silencieux!! 😉

    Moral of the story: Next time write something one of the Indian languages coz they have some 500 spoken ones , no body can beat you then.. Komare!

    Summer , how are you there ?


  5. hehehehehehe
    wallahi ya fadi u crack me up…was just singing along with Dalida and Alan singing paroles and it reminded me of you.

    TV5?? according to Q i’ll be featured on HBO…Allah yesam7ak ya Qwaider ya ebn om Qwaidar 😀


  6. ya summer…ur comment belmasri keda : TA32EED 😀
    C’est marvillious…bayen 😀 hehehe

    do u see popups too??

    even green card ones?

    How come i don’t?!!

    thanks summpra for ur sweet spirit as always and nice comment 🙂


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