By the pool…

The sunglasses hid curious eyes that explored my fellow relaxed tanned gangsters.

We were a gang looking for fun and the pool of a palmed resort was our getaway.

It was hot, yet refreshing and vivid to have that nice sun bath you with its warm color…what i could see everywhere was Ice filling all shapes and sizes of glasses and cups…few kids playing and swimming…few men doing the same while most of the time they’re checking the various types and shapes of bikinis…most women are walking slowly around the pool with no apparent goal but show off her unhidden talents.


Yes, I like observing and checking the clear or made up stories behind people…without annoying them of course.

An Italian Lady kept talking to me for fifteen minutes and she didn’t mind at all that i understood ZERO words of what she said…but i bet it was something nice.

I saw him again today…he came with a friend this time and i overheard him- actually his voice was so loud – saying to his friend that he’ll find some very nice bodies around. I wonder if his very pretty wife -who by the way received almost no attention from him…they didn’t even smile together or talk -and cute baby who were with him yesterday knew that he came again today but with a friend this time. I wonder why?!!


Three girls tried to be chatty and nice…i can’t be rude even if i tried to but i couldn’t make friends on that particular day…it was for me to be relaxed and QUIET…

You must live in a loud office and a loud home with kids to realize the way i felt…sometimes u just wanna be quiet.


Nights by the pool is even more beautiful…there was a band… two girls and a boy…an Egyptian girl who looked very nice and sounded even nicer and a boy who was OK but with a sleazy English accent and an Italian girl who screwed up every English song I’ve ever loved!

She was off beat…off tune…off language…she didn’t get one sentence twa7ed rabena sa7!!

she moaned her way around the lyrics.

But then again…when ur in the mood of enjoying u know how to neglectآ annoyance.


Strange how aآ person feels ugly at days…and super beautiful at other days.

Strange how a person feels loved at days and absolutely worthless at other days.


It’s the mind sets – again- that traps us in a twister of endless down feelings…till someday you just relax and see shit as SHIT and roses as a scented, colorful and soft caress.


Have a good night 🙂





5 thoughts on “By the pool…

  1. So how about those who check the post in the morning, a good night won’t work for them 😀
    Don’t think about next tide, connsume yourself with the current mood, and off the record, I’m so happy for the way you’re feeling sister 🙂


  2. hi .. Ba3dein ba2a .. Halakteena posts ya Caller!! Listen , life is not a race , and I get too much envy I made it to the Jeeran portal it seems!!

    Nice post , full of feelings and in between the lines bolds and (if I may borrow this from Jerusalem)"tides" …

    I would love to go swing by a pool because I am sure it will even things out when one is sick of routine and bloody work.. You are right! You even started to notice what people do , how they talk and which is which and who’s who … You are so lucky you get to live a moment full life .. You should teach me then? I have enough credits.

    Take care and have a nice palm nafa7at .. Breeze is a Caller word , right ?

    Bye now


  3. For those yeb2a saba7 elfull ya jeru 🙂
    Allah 3ala elnas elly btefham 😀
    yes, consuming the moment is the right word.
    Sometimes it’s hard to beat ones nature though :S
    Thanks dearest jeru…sweet as always 🙂


  4. The Dire straits style ha?! 😀
    you have too much credit and points i’m scared to score u now.

    Actually dear pal it’s not about the moment…it’s about having the right mood to address moments.

    and yeah, i’m a curious kind of kitten 😀 😛

    Have a musical day fedo and regards to the Mrs. 🙂


  5. i thought that no one could write in english in this site but thanks to god now i ll write and know that i ll get enough readers to my articals at the same time i won’t ignore my arabic. 😀


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