About Experience and such…

We’ve been discussing second marriages and its related aspects for the past two days at Insomniac blog…and let me tell you it was one of the most interesting discussions ever because no one – kama heya al3ada – is cheering in favor of a stereotypical idea over and over again…different people with different views…actually Mature ones regardless of my take on it.


The most interesting part was what Inso mentioned: each is scared by experience therefore he/she talks!


What is key in my opinion is that Human ( mental, emotional and all ) realization really starts to break the bubble and develops when we start to stop consuming our spirits in wallowing over previous scars…when we start to generalize and look deeper into life facts and just understand it.


Personal experience COUNTS of course…and creates a mind set that most likely is bound to throw its shadowsآ over every incidents that relates to ones bad/good experience.


BUT, it would forever make us scared to move into a relative experience…it would forever make our view so narrow and limited and most importantly it would forever make us less understanding of the marvelous variety of human knowledge.


I believe it’s disrespectfulآ for a human to poke the eye of another human if he’s different…i would only point finger at someone who i have the right to judge and that is whoever would intersect my life with his behaviourآ and directly harm me…otherwise i have no right to judge anyone simply because…no one has the right to judge me.


I will judge a cheating husband for scaring me because what heآ did is by all means wrong…but i won’t judge a husband for marrying another woman because – in my beliefs- that’s not wrong…my reaction would be leaving him if it hurts me cause Allah gave me that right.

if i flip the coin, i would leave a husband if i no longer see him as a spouse….heآ doesn’t have the right to judge me cause that’s my right but he has the right to if iآ cheated on him.


men and women areآ EQUALآ when it comes to rights and obligations…i will see it that way and no other way.


Women think they are mistreated cause menآ  seem to have more rights like polygamy and stuff…well, wrong conception cause women have the right to walk away when ever she feels that she has to.


7ad 7ay2oly how hard it is for a woman to be divorced…I’ll say, it’s hard cause WE made it that way with our own hands over the years….when women settled for miserable marriages cause they let people scare them from the society’s look at the divorcee…when we let fear paralyzes us…weآ help injustice rule and become the norm.


My experienceآ is the bitterest ever…yet, i understand the nature of women, men and life…pick what suits me and shove what hurts me and i try not to let a conceptآ  rest as a brick in my mind!


Allah ye3afy elgamee3.

have a good day.آ آ 


2 thoughts on “About Experience and such…

  1. i like that post :))

    i know you probably got me right but i like to clarify further…

    experiences count for a lot… they do cause us to build prejudices and preconceived notions… but right and wrong will always remain right and wrong regardless of the experience

    when i said we were scarred by our experiences, i did not necessarily mean that our experiences ruin our vision… but it does give us a different perspective… it’s up to us to make that perspective positive or negative…

    to be more specific, a cheating husband is and has always been on the black list for me; but having one myself made me realize how painful it is first hand, it made me more passionate when discussing that particular issue! before that, i would have said an indifferent phrase that simply indicated that i did not approve of such behavior!!

    as for second marriage vs. cheating… my answer will always be second marriage… you’re absolutely right… and him taking a second marriage is his right, provided that he does not deny his wife from a dignified divorce… problem is, ppl are not always capable of being fair, wel zolm we7esh awy, bezat lely garabo!

    as for women’s right to divorce as per Islam, it still confuses me, but i have strong faith that Allah is fair and that we humans are unfair and we abuse one another as well as ourselves…

    post fel goal ;)))


  2. yes Inso i got you right but still your clarification add a lot 🙂

    that’s so true…we are so unfair to each other…so unfair!

    but it’s people like you who don’t allow unfairness to rule and practice their rights to say NO who’ll change perpesctive someday.



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