Forbidden in my veero land

* To write for months and make me all hooked up with your story…jumping up and down for your joy and shedding tears reading your pain THEN YOU CHICKEN OUT AND SAY IT WAS A FAKE STORY…IT WAS FICTION!

– That’s forbidden in my veero land ( aka virtual world…net or blogging or what ever u wanna call itآ )…wanna write stories…say so…I write stories some where else and i say they are stories…and whether they’re based on a sliver of my reality or not is totally off the point…i don’t think anyone would like it if i, after all this time said one day…ooops, guess what, i’m not rasha…i just made my life up!


* To Insult my friends, my country, my religion or anybody Else’s on MY blog!

– Sorry freedom freaks…that’s forbidden in my veero land…wanna state an opinion please be my guest…i would even offer you something sweet…but no Insults as those come around you know and everyone could be hurt…everyone!


* Post automatic music streams…can’t impose music ya people…wanna make me hear your stuff…give me a choice and leave it up to my click whenever i want…If i want!

– Cause music is like food…can’t be shoved down my throat…that’s forbiddenآ inآ that veero land of mine.


* Post a recipe without a pic…no no no…I have to say that this is not only forbidden in my books…it’s also tasteless and imagine posting tastelessly about something tasty…i mean, come ON!

– I gotta like what i see to wanna like to do to wanna love to eat…pic less food is forbidden in my you know what land.


* To post something AMAZINGLY GOOD every couple of months…how come you take faithful readers who actually find you amazing with such neglect?!

– Abandoning blogs and readers without solid proof that you were to be in danger if you blogged is totally and utterly forbidden in my land of the veeros.


* To read me via rss…done that?!

– you’re doomed Mr.



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