About Story telling…

Although I have a link to that blog here, I don’t remember i promoted it…Most likely because i write there only to fool around short story telling which is probably not interesting to much…

Lately, I received a few emails and comments on the 7akawe blog…emails were mostly disliking so much drama in the story or disapproving on a style that has lots of metaphors lacking simplicity…an email asked if it were based on some truth…and lately i realized that most readers don’t know it was me writing over there …i don’t really know if that’s good or bad.

To be honest…70% of those stories happened in reality as it is either to me directly or to someone close to me…the rest- especially the first few writings- are fiction!

To answer an email that asked: If it’s true stories, how come one person interact with so much queer ugliness?

Well, I know what you mean…but that’s who i am…have always been in the backstage of life…knowing nasty details of stuff normal people don’t encounter much in their day to day life…I’ve known that since i was a little girl and I’m fine with it…those were the colors painting me.

As for the style…i know i hint a lot…write in scraps…drama is over but sometimes it’s so cruel to be simple about something that hurt me so much…and sometimes it covers more ugliness than what i make it appear to be…Arabic language is that generous…you can twist and stretch however you want to deliver an innuendo.

There…is a free space…if someone read it…they would never know for sure if it’s true or fiction…there i can hide courageously behind my stories or have pride in my lame imagination.

Humans are…well, not all…but…there’s a lot of kalka3a in this world.


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