I came across an old CD

Yesterday was slow, peaceful but edgy…and full of old music.


I was extremely busy but i had the chance to do my work slowly…without the hurry i always have to be in…it was peaceful because no one irritated me…everything was good…peaceful…Thank Allah for that.


I was edgy but only in my thoughts…i tend to get edgy when “change” shows its signes and that’s what i see…the wind of change is approaching me.


On my way back home i came across an old CD…Songs of the 80s it had…and it felt so weired to actually remember the first time i heard these songs…I remember:

– Careless whisper…hehehehe god, i was in the 7thآ or 8thآ grade or something when my dad brought me a beta max heheheh video tape of some british hits fresh from london…I was so mad he didn’t remember that our video player was VHS not beta 😀 but i managed to make a VHS version and watch Wham rock it …god that was ages ago.


– Hello…there was NO place in egypt that didn’t play that song…from the sleezy cheezy live preformance of crappy accents and missed up lyrics to lionel richie’s greatآ voice doing it himself.


I won’t list the oldies i enjoyed during my drive back home …i think you got the theme…


My lungs are starting to hurt…again…it’s that nasty thing again …the feeling of sickness make me wanna run..run fast as if one fast run is gonna make me loose all the weight, clean all air sacs down my lungs and attain the perfect mood forvever and ever and ever…


and to that i say: makansh 7ad gholob!


Have a blessed Friday 🙂



2 thoughts on “I came across an old CD

  1. lol I actually had a George Michael poster in the 80s which was strange for a guy, but it wasn’t like that 🙂

    I liked the (Last Christmas) song better than careless whisper back then.

    Anyway if you still like George, I recommend the 2CD album called Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s got all his best songs.


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