Distractions never distract me and that’s hard to deal with but at least i manage to apply on people who need to take their minds off hard matters.

The last few days were felt really weired.

we, at our home, had a cat called 6o6o for the last 18 years…suddenly 6o6o died. My kids were introduced to the process of death step by step as 6o6o struggled death for ten minutes…Mom who were the most attached to 6o6o felt horrible while she arranged the burying with 3am mohamed convincing him that pets need to buried as well and almost begging him not to throw the corps in the garbage.

All of that was informed to me by my kids when i returned home from work and after i had a little nap because i was so tired…i wondered how could they sense not to tell me right away and waited till i was a little better.

I was so sad and the whole house turned gloomy…JoJo kept asking about death and how painful it looked when 6o6o was dying…they wondered did gedo hasan went through the same pain, will i die soon and will i hurt or it is just animals.

Regardless of my answers the subject brought so many unanswered questions to my own head….I won’t discuss them though!

I tried my best to distract them…fighting my own sadness and trying to make the day of a six year old and an eight year old a little easy and nice.

The next day i took them swimming, bowling, had lunch then watched bat man ( I don’t care what they call it ) in the movies…they were beat and full of snacks when we headed home and most of all they were distracted…I wish I or someone else could manage to do that to me…

Distractions never distract me.

and that’s a shame.




2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. you’re right,
    there alwatz be someone in charge, not distracted for the sake of others,

    death is never easy, and i guess never will 100% accepted or understood, but still never avoided,

    give yourself sometime to be totaly distracted, free, and take is easy,
    sometime you have to leave wa5adan el bal for the greater good.

    wa5da balek ?!


  2. Sister,

    On the contrary in my opinion, you should not be distracted on this issue. Death is the absentee that we are waiting for. Being aware of his coming and soon is the drive to see life as is and not it’s ornaments. As for kids they have to know the truth, and the fact that we are in our way to Allah so we have to be ready any time to leave without making it a scary thing. As for pain they have to know as well do no hide it from them. Abetter prepared muslim is a good muslim.


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