Actually no, I didn’t see it coming although i should. I spent the last two days in what is so close to a coma…I wake up Thursday morning – which was off at my work – not able to move from my bed…I wasn’t able to see clearly, I had this mild headache that felt more like a huge pressure on my skull rather than a sharp pain in my head…Couldn’t sit straight, talk, hear a sound or see a light…couldn’t breathe easily.


I thought I was exhausted from a long week at work…so i kept sleeping and mom made sure the kids left me at peace…several hours later it wasn’t any better…the pressure was worse…I knew i should headed to the hospital but i couldn’t even put on my clothes and drive my car…I didn’t wanna scare my mom and kids out so i kept sleeping…I woke upآ Friday at 18:00 pm.

It was weired to realize how much I have been unconscious…I, then, felt so light headed…no pressure, no thoughts, weightless…yet i couldn’tآ move a muscle and i realized I shouldآ get some help.


I told my mom I had an Important thing to do and i went out and headed to the nearest hospital…the only thing that was on my mind was how i didn’t see that coming…wondering…howa ana 3agezt wala eh?…thinking about my kids…and thinking about my kids.

Based on theآ Doctors diagnosis, I should’ve stayed there…but i hated freakin’ myآ momآ and kids.


Conclusion: I have a condition that i should watch out carefullyآ what i eat, think, feel and move…a surgery would handle the matter quicker but i decided not to do so…I’m gonnaآ follow the slower way hopefullyآ Allah beysalem.


آ آ 


7 thoughts on “Condition

  1. Rasha ?!
    sho feh ?!
    howa men wa2et ma 2olte surgery laghete my question…but hope nothing so so sirius !
    wana bafakrek wa5da balek ?
    Take Care 😀


  2. I hope it’s nothing serious sister 😐
    Inshallah you’ll be just fine, Allah yeshfeeki ya nwaret Jeeran, do you remember when I used to call you this in the good old days 🙂


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