It’s easier to change the world.

I realized yesterday during Iftar that it’s easier to change the world than to change someone or even yourself.


When you have a cause and you aim to change poverty, injustice or ignorance you can have some result if you’re devoted enough…


But you can change your nature not even with the help of the worldly humans accompanied by demons…we are what we are and there’s no way around it.


During that totally UNNECESSARY Iftar I realized I would never be less passionate even if i do continue making a fool out of myself every time I speak my heart out to some frigid people.

Why bother??!!

Delusional is the answer and the only explanation.

When will I stop???


That’s me and i gotta live with that!


Today, I woke up feeling sick of my whole history of childish blinded passion that fails to let me be fair with myself and save me any humiliation which is mainly caused by my own cruel hands…After a while I realized that such nature need to be directed at all time towards some common cause…anything other than something personal….I would do wonders and there’s no doubt about that.


It’s not enough to have my energy directed towards my kids, myself and some occasional social work nor even towards knowledge and a career i strive to attain.

I should exhaust my spirit towards more Important Issues…something powerful that would drain me and leave me satisfied that I’m doing something more productive with my thoughts and emotions.


Channels and Ideas will blossom…because I’ll do all i can to seek them.


In Sha2 Allah.آ 

6 thoughts on “It’s easier to change the world.

  1. [ Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power. ]
    Henry George

    i open my blog page and this is what i saw … its yours now pass the energy sweets *


  2. i believe people can change… i just don’t think that one can change others, or even him/herself, at least not intentionally…

    the whole secret of change is that it happens in small insignificant steps that keep adding up until you measure the difference from point A to point B and get all shocked/amazed at that change….

    don’t change who you are ya rasha; passion is a great thing… people who lost their passion to numbness and indifference hate their lives and would spare it in a heartbeat!


  3. The things is: when I’m passionate towards the world everything is so meaningful but when I’m passionate towards people everything sounds so silly and in vain!
    I blabber my thoughts without any type of filtration and i drown whoever it’s directed to with – sometimes – unnecessary info.
    Later on when i go through how i acted and what i said i feel disgusted at how vulnerable i become when i let my guards down and give it all…
    It sucks!! Big time!!

    Bas 3ala fekra…enti wa7ashteeni…i hope you’re feeling OK and kids are doing great.
    Enormous Hugs*


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