August 31st – September 22nd, 2006

One of the nicest things is to go through old emails long after their phase.

Today, and while cleaning up my account, I found the above mentioned dates’ emails and they were like that:

  • Exchanged few emails with someone who thought that being cruel to me and ending a relation we once had in the nastiest ways possible is actually something good…I would reach out…they would reply every other email with a cold short sentence= moral: If I could get over that I can get over this!!!!

  • Many support emails from readers and friends around blogs asking about me after I had to hide my blog due to crazy Divorce Issues…Some of them are still around…and some just vanished on me the minute i stopped preaching= moral: there are a lot of preaching in the air, I’m proud I did it faithfully when i truly had it, I’m proud I stopped when I did.

  • First day at the first Job on my own…writing to my Doctor about it…and she’s asking me to take it easy as eagles don’t soar all of a sudden and they don’t develop wings over night= I wish I listened.

I Do Exactly The Same Mistakes Till This Freakin’ Moment.


and that ain’t nice at all.


7 thoughts on “August 31st – September 22nd, 2006

  1. Some mistakes can be sometimes called bad habits, you really want to change it and sometimes even believe you did, but after sometime you realize that you did not. If you find out that you can not change something specific then forget about it. Or maybe try to adjust yourself and minimize the effects of these bad habits.

    I suffer that as well but I just forget about it, thinking makes me blue.

    Be safe and happy always and take care well.


  2. wallahi ya m7amad momken yekoon 3andak 7a2 bas is a certain behaviour could be passed as habit?!
    If so, then, 7ata elneglect mesh 7ayenfa3 ma3aya…ana 7ala mosta3seya πŸ˜€

    You too take care of yourself and wishing you all the best at ur uni πŸ™‚


  3. i used to delete emails once i reply to them… since i started my gmail account i barely delete anything, yet i don’t have it in me to go through older emails…. i find it painful to reread words that no longer make sense to those who wrote them, and 9 out of 10 it’s the case!

    the key to changing the things you don’t like about yourself is to admit and accept them… and even then, it takes some time, so don’t be hard on yourself :)))

    have a great one πŸ™‚


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