I remember..!

I remember..the first feeling i had when i held my baby..
It was overwhelmingly strange..for a minute i didn’t believe what was going on..was that my baby..i asked myself..
i only saw that in movies..so, scenes from movies kept going in my mind..hesitant..not knowing what to do and also making a huge effort not to show my confusion..sob7an allah..it was my little miracle..
suddenly i felt like crying..i burst into tears ..i felt a huge sense of giving and loving..suddenly i realized why was i made a female..why do i live..what is my goal..i filled my eyes with his look..his tiny little hands..his weakness broke my heart..so fragil, so dependent..grasping my finger rather firmly..i felt the love and the tenderness that i never felt towards any one or any thing before..
he charmed me with his unconditional love..his need..
it was i.. who was born again..!
thank allah the great for his gift..and may allah guid me and my kids to living islam just like mohamad sala allah 3alayhe wa salam taught us..


3 thoughts on “I remember..!

  1. You describe that SOOOO BEAUTIFULLY!!! I felt just the same when my kids were born … I like so much that you say “I felt a huge sense of giving and loving”!! That is wonderful!!!Thanks so much for sharing!BTW .. I feel very close to Islam, the REAL Islam that is!!


  2. karin,i’m so happy..you might be the only blogger i know who have kids..thanks for sharing..ofcourse,i’m so thrilled that you feel close to islam cause i believe that it’s the way to happiness on earth and in heaven..please know that i’m always here for you if you have any question or want to discuss anything..


  3. Hmm.. I am not sure I can find a way to describe what I feel her.

    I remember the first time I held Reema , me and her father . I cried coz I couldn’t beleive it. She looked at me .. OMG . Her father couldn’t talk for 10 minutes when we saw her the very first time.


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