Getting it!

I Have lived most of my life with a certain pattern of behaviour that got me into all kinds of trouble and I could never realize it until it was too late…

Recently I have been aware of its existence but was never in a situation to test my ability to monitor it and relate on the spot.


Till a few days ago.


Have you ever experienced wanting someone’s approval or affection so much to the extent that you’d be engaged in the most uncomfortable situations just for their sake and just to please them?!!


Well, It is the most devastating behaviour anyone could possibly get themselves into.


Realizing it early…taking a pause…declaring the fact…speaking up and refusing being dragged into this kind of pattern…talking to the other party about how uncomfortable they make you feel…giving them the choice to either accept you as you are or to BEAT IT.


That’s…that’s a Major break through for a serious deficiency that could be due to all kinds of previous experiences and lack of basic needs.


That’s big…with a sparkling tear and a big smile i say: I’m proud…and thankful.


Mark that day rika…Just mark it babe 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting it!

  1. ur right…

    when we put our selves in awkward situations to please those we love, we don’t feel awkward at all… however, when we do it to seek their approval, it feels twice as awkward… i think seeking someone’s approval rather than doing it naturally means something is wrong with the relationship..

    good for you sweets 🙂

    *hug hug hug*


  2. Elmoshkela ya Inso en people are evasive…ya3ni you may speak up and say i feel that u’re making me not comfortable about a thing oo fe sanya tela2y elnas betonsob rasmy oo betetla3 zay elsha3ra men el3ageen.
    bas…point is: now, I SPEAK 😀
    ba2a 🙂


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