As you can see..i was feeling bored..

So,i thought about a makeover..for me and my blog..you know..to shake things up a bit..

I’m feeling great already:)

How could i forget something like this..


The wind of change…must move my wings

To grasp the clouds..and break my rings

No altitude..no depth..no rain

Just pure sunlight..

A drop of dwe on my vein..


Although this is not the look i had in mind,but it will do untill i can find someone to help me out..

Blue is close to me..it touches my heart..the sea..the sky..my eye!




16 thoughts on “EXTREME MAKEOVER..!

  1. That is beautiful!! You have done a VERY nice job … it is bright and friendly and looks more open … ALF MABROUK dear!! 🙂


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    *hamede..thank you.

    *elhajeji..at first i didn’t think so,but recently it felt too dark of a mood..you’re right and thank you.


  3. Change is always good, I can feel the brightness of your mood in this post 🙂
    I love blue , it always makes me feel better , kaman I always wear blue clothes 3shan ye3keso 3la 3yony w ye2lebo azra2 🙂


  4. Thank you ma azkake , khajjaltiny 🙂

    yeh be2lebo blue , becoz some people see my eyes green and other people see them blue , so bet3’ayarro 7sb lobsy 🙂


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