Back to allah..

It is always that way. When ever I concentrate on anything else but the straight call for Allah. Everything starts to fall apart…

Well. Not that I thought that the other matters weren’t important. Yes they are. But I always needed to stress on what I believe can fix everything else that is ruined in our lives…

The peace that comes with directing my soul to Allah. with alzekr..And the prayers along with shutting all the sources of distraction down…

For a while that would do. That will clear the heart. And let me start to feel again…

The sad numbness would go and the senses will be alert again to the greatness of being present with Allah…

I felt that amazing feeling several times but unfortunately not enough…

That feeling made my heart floating and my emotions flooding. Everything around me was heavenly…

If you think that this is a dream. I can assure you it is not…

It is heaven on earth and I long for it. I really miss it and if Allah wills I’ll try to

earn it back…even if it was just more time.




9 thoughts on “Back to allah..

  1. That is SO beautiful … and I can only echo Quaider! You have such a very very beautiful soul! I know what you mean and can well imagine how beautiful that feeling must be! I hope you’re feeling better dear … BIG hug!


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    Q..thank you for the soothing words..thank allah he is always with us with his knowledge and is me who’s not there all the time!!


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    *Fadi..jazak allah khairan:)
    *chet..yeh i know allah the almighty will always give us the faith that keeps us alive.thank you for coming by are always very welcomed:)


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    *’s great to see you again..yes my dear ,no one can give what allah is us who forget,then when i find the world suddenly too narrow for me..only then i remember that i was the one who let go for a little time and again i get the ultimate gift of allah’s love and care..
    come again ,it’s lovely having you aboard my dear:)


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