long time no closeness! Madness :S

Blogging about tributes, advertisements, writing poems and all, doesn’t really click that personal buzz i get when i spell my guts/ heart out.


so, last night i just wanted to screaaaaaaaam…cry…carry a shot gun and go insane on the ring road…yes, it was a loaded day.


Started with:

I’ve been having a nasty flue and i couldn’t take a day off or rest 3ashan i have a sick sense of responsibility towards my work…and actually they drive me made at the office when they say: oh, u look tired, why didn’t u stay at home and rest….while they have no mercy and they return to me in every single habla detail…grrrr…but i love it 😉


after work, i thought i’d go to the club for a jog since i failed to do any activity for the previous two days…and as always i’m desepratly trying to reverse the curse of having a sub zero metabolizm and loose weight, so i did, actually i was in a great mood after a moral lift from a nice phone call…i tuned to very nice Jovi music and hit the track fast walking and singing at the same time in a very low voice…i had a wide smile on my face.


finished, to head home, shower and go out to a nice place…after all it was thursday and the living is easy 😀


I had a call from my sister telling me of the death of a very nice boy who was our neighbor years ago…it felt terrible to have known that he fell from the 5th floor…how and why, no one knows…I was in a red light traffic jam when the mobile rang again and a distant relative told me that my grandmother was admitted earlier in the hospital…it was nearby the club, yet, to reach it in that terrible terrible rush hour it took meآ 45 minutes to go down one freakin’ street.


I was so tired byآ 10 pm noting that i wake up at 7 am…as i headed home, beat, trying to accept the fact that there was no way i could go out feeling that terrible…

My cousins who were originally taking me out called, yelling at me for making them wait all dressed up and ready…they wouldn’t take no for an answer, so, evasivly i had to state the fact that i really REALLY needed to shower and change.


On my way, trying to speed – ah, phhhhlease – and down a narrow lane from the ring road bridge to al maadi where i live, and 10 meters before i reached the main road… police made a weired weired pervert check point…to my surprise, the police officer stopped every car…it is a declined narrow lane from a high bridge to a street…no way in hell should anyone stop anyone…my mom called me shouting at me and before i could ask her what’s wrong i found the officer picking on my side window, i pressed the button down and the thing slid to hear him say: rokhasek ya madam…in the most annoying tune.

I, rudely said: why?? he said: rokhasek!!! I said: WHYYYY! he said: ba2ool l7adretek rokhasek I said: let me park at the side of the street. He said: no, right here. nervously i grabbed my wallet and gave him the licenses…he said, now park aside…so i said shouting: bas ba2olak eh, don’t u dare think that i’m gonna step out of my car searching for you and my licenses…fahem!! he said: 3eeb ya madam.

I, as i waited in the car for at least 15 minutes, i thought of leaving the damn thing and go home shower, eat and sleep and the hell with everything but i had aآ phone call that distracted the motahawera thought.

I lookedآ in the mirror at him…he stood far looking at me…I didn’t move a muscle…at last he gave up and came to me …bending against the other window and picking on it again, i slid it down…he held my licenses saying: Iآ gave you a ticket for speaking on ur phone…I said: na3am??!!! Have u seen me holding a phone??? he said: you were talking i couldآ see ur lips moving.

He said it in the most disgusting, provoking, nasty way EVER…i completely lost it.

I said: we7yat omak??!! tayeb, ana mo7ameyaآ oo 7awareek…ba2a mokhalfa 3ashan bo2y beyt7arak…da anhy 7omar elly 2alak en da qanoon…

The man completely mouth dropped, rayel, dropped the licenses on the chair and i, with maximum speed took off….

I went crazy, I went nuts, I completely lost it….and said to myself: the heck with everything I am going out!!!!!!!!!


Actually, I had the most loaded crazy day ever to theآ extent that i literally didn’t move a bone today…have been in bed all day…


I blogged, watched Wall E with the kids, ate sea food, had my share of chocolate while watching some more TV…studied English to the kids..andآ Math.


Now, I need to sleep as I have a test tomorrow morning yet I can’t 😦


Will someone please grab a stick and knock me on the head!

maybe, just maybe, I’d faint!آ 


2 thoughts on “long time no closeness! Madness :S

  1. I should give you a ticket for breathing you know… I saw you breathing…darn they are ridiculous… a ticket for your lips moving…really howa 7umar…police in general in any country they have a thrill when they are in control of people lives…


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