What is it now?!!

Looks like my tactics could actually work…Sometimes!

Reference to the last post, The bully who hit Hassan hard is trying to win his friendship…Hassan didn’t give in yet – to my surprise – and didn’t cut the boy some slack by accepting to be his pal.

However, and after receiving very valuable feedback from my friends on the blog…I’m committed to train Hassan and adjusting his self defense skills.


On the other hand, and with NO reason whatsoever…I slept all night last night and that is an astonishing achievement…yet dreams concerning Jomana’s safety haunted me.

I guess it’s the baby phase!

I know it quite well, I start to worry sick about them and have all kinds of thoughts to feed my worry and turn it to constant fear, this time I’m gonna over smart it and just enhance my time with them…I will make extra sure everything is fine…they are safe and sound and secure…( el3a2l dah is a lie, I’m freaked from the inside)


Weired thing is that I’m baby sick…i miss the newborn age…how they feel, smell and fill the heart with absolute joy. my kids do that to me all the time…hassan with his gentleman/ naughty attitude and JoJo with her girlish dala3 and zillion tiny hugs and kisses 🙂

yet, babies are sooooo cute! 🙂


Motherhood is flooding ya gama3a 😀 overwhelming me to the extent that it is becoming a PHASE…an actual phase!


I just hope and pray to Allah to guard them till they grow up to be a fine man/ woman.


I actually feel like crying.




3 thoughts on “What is it now?!!

  1. Although I am a man, I do miss what you miss too…new born are just a gift, I usually kiss their hands and feet…and keep them close to my heart so they can hear my heart beat and feel secure.


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