Inadequate for the occasion..

Now iآ  see two kinds of poepleآ increasing wildly in our society

someone who’s on more fire than possible and people stuck in north pole ice..

And both can mess things up ..big time..

Some people just can’t take the heat..a single word or even aآ wink can torch that flame..and may be they are too weak or needy or naive..or may be they have a aim ahead infront of their eyes..

Honestly i kinda envy those people with such a clear vision of what they want..which is sometimes so so so bad..but to be that on-target and to grab your goal so firmly is amazing to me..that type doesn’t have to worry himself with other people feelings or calculations..they have deaf ears and eyes!!

They hurt a lot of people along their bully way..but they don’t look back..they know exactly how powerful they are and what are the weaknesses of others so they wait….quietly in the bushes…and suddenly catch what ever they want with teeth sharp as razors…and would never let goآ ……….

BUT..again..that just won’t do for me..sometimes we can’t get out of our skin and be someone else..not even that northpole guy!!

When hell freezes over he would move a lash…unbearable cold hearted a lie..maintaining a crooked barbwire around one can reach touching!!

Yes ofcourse he would normally be so full of crap..but still..needs a slap!!

but,wait..he could be acting..puting that big mask to hide the katkoot inside..he may be terrified and shaking like a just born bird..

Why would he not reach out and ask for help?? unfortunatly no answer..

Humans tend to complicate maybe right infront of them..on the shelve or in a pocket or even in their hands..

Living to melting in both fire and ice..compounding into some strange unique formula..which has nothing to do with anybody else..but allah and me..and the more i will love him and allow myself to give myself his closeness..the more transparant i’ll be..till the day i vanish..i will want to do that..

stumble and fall?

well,so what.

I’ll stand up again and




6 thoughts on “Inadequate for the occasion..

  1. That is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love your analysis … it is GREAT! You’re right – something’s very much wrong with this seemingly cold-blooded way of behaving, seemingly not caring about anything … MOST of the time this is only a farce! I am dealing very closely with people since some 35 years and guess I can judge them – OFTEN this is a way of self-protection due to a minority-complex or simply the fact of feeling minor to others which they could NEVER admit of course! Sometimes it is a way of saying "I don’t want to get hurt again", sort of a self-protection!
    In my opinion there are no REAL icy-cold types of people … they all have their weak-points, their achilles-tendon … it only depends how much time it takes to find it!
    It is no shame at all to ask for help … but for these kind of people it is MOST difficult because they would show themselves vulnerable .. and thus put themselves in "danger"!
    Life should definitely be a mix of both, fire and ice … just like ying and yang, or a scale – equilibrium or balance!
    I often stumbled, fell on my nose – and got back up again … it made me stronger … it made me to how I am today!
    Thanks so much for sharing that … it is truly wonderful!!


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    Well karin,know what?i think it is a great thing to mess up and fix things more solidly..i think that only then every little detail counts and adds up flavour..
    and it’s great knowing a strong woman like you..thank you so much for being my friend:)


  3. what i’m about to say doesn’t completely relate your nice post.
    I am a sensitive person which makes any kind of relationship not go as smoothly as it should, but i see that as an advantage as well. Since i treat people the way i like them to treat me, i’m really careful to the little details. the details that make me sad, but not everyone else. By doing this i’m minimizing the amount of hurt i inflict on the people around me.

    i hope i made sence 🙂


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    hi’s great having you over:)
    ofcourse you make sense..a lot of sense actually..
    details draw who we are..also as realating to them..each one has his own set of details that make his mind and complete his feelings..
    you are so welcomed here..please come again:):)


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